Three pygmies in the hot spring

The Hot Spring is a geological feature of Pocket God Facebook. It was introduced in Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go.


The Hot Spring appears as a circle of rocks surrounding warm, steaming water. It acts as a sort of jaccuzi for the Pygmies, three of which can be in at a time (Four at a time if you drop one in at the same time one is climbing in, but chances are that this is patched). They appear very relaxed in the Hot Spring, as it is a sort of Pygmy hot tub. Its description in the shop is "A soak for sore butts".


Pygmy Interactions

A Pygmy can climb in or be dropped in. A Pygmy can either lay relaxed in the warm water, dive below it and hold their breath (resurfacing breathing deeply), or have bubbles float up from beneath them (they look somewhat embarrassed and then chuckle). This shows that they "break some wind underwater".


A pygmy wanting to go into a hot spring

Grace Request

As the Hot Spring is a grace-only power (there is no way to kill Pygmies, it just provides them a little R&R), they can ask for it through a Grace Request. You answer the request by simply dropping them into the Hot Spring and you will receive 1 Devotion Point.


  • It is the first geologic feature that was not introduced from the start of the game.
  • It is one of the few things where you cannot kill Pygmies.
  • The hot spring was an idea stated by Pocket God player Noah Bradley.
  • When you activate the Hot Spring,the pygmies inside the Hot Spring will not get caught in a Gravity change,get hit by Lightning or a Hurricane.
  • A Pygmy who was blackened by the Tar Pit gets cleaned when dropped into the Hot Spring.
  • It is one of the few things that prevents the Avatar from being hostile.
  • When a hurricane stops, there are chances that some pygmies will fall into the Hot Spring if enabled.

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