The Ice Hole

The Ice Hole is a hole in the ice that first appeared in Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole. It is large, round and is filled with water.



A Pygmy (Ooga) fishing in the Ice Hole

The ice hole is exclusive to Ice Island. To make it appear, you must first toggle on the ice hole icon. Then you must change the temperature to hot and make a Pygmy melt through the island. This will create the ice hole.

Uses and Abilities


Main Article: Ice Squid

If the squid icon is toggled on, and a Pygmy is held above the ice hole, the ice squid will appear. It will grab the Pygmy, ingaging in a tug-o-war with the player. If you let go of the Pygmy, the ice squid will eat it. If you pull too hard, the Pygmy's head will come off, and the ice squid will take it's body and eat it.


Main Article: Swordfish

If the fish icon is toggled on and the fishing rod placed near the ice hole, a Pygmy will go fishing in it and catch a swordfish. If eaten, the Pygmy will be impaled in the chest from the inside. Then the Pygmy will fall into the water. The in-game description for this gruesome sacrifice is "Pygmy gets an ulcer and dies".

Ice Geyser

Main Article: Geyser

The ice geyser is a well-known Easter Egg. If you drop a Marshmallowed Pygmy (from Rock Island) into the ice hole, a geyser will erupt from it, sending icicles raining down. The shower of icicles will impale Pygmies in the head or back.

Pocket God Comics

The Ice Hole is used by Newbie to drown Nooby inside Red's Workshop in the comic: X-Mas Marks the Spot.


  • The ice hole only forms on the right side of Ice Island, meaning if a Pygmy melts through the left side of the island, no ice hole is formed.
  • Only two things in Pocket God can be dropped into the ice hole, Marshmallowed Pygmies and fish.
    • Also, when the fish is dropped into the ice hole, this does nothing. However, this may have been done on purpose to be a hinderance, as sometimes when a Pygmy catches the fish, when it is flung onto the island, it sometimes lands in the ice hole, meaning you have to wait for another fish.
    • Oddly, the swordfish can not be dropped into the ice hole, despite originating from there.
    • When the Pygmies are getting hot from the Sun's enlargement, they will walk in random directions. A coincidence or not, when sweating on the Ice Island, the Pygmies ALWAYS seem to walk to the right (so they can create the Ice Hole.)