The Ice Monster Skin Pack is a customization skin pack introduced to Pocket God in Ep 32: Crack is Wack. It allows the player to customize the appearance of the Ice Monster. It is available for download for 99 cents.

Customization Abilites

This Skin Pack adds customization for the Ice Monster.

  • Bear - The Bear looks like a giant Teddy Bear and it throws baseballs insted of snowballs.
  • Robot - The Robot is red with some gray and has orange eyes. It throws Fishing Bobber like things insted of Snowballs.
  • Yeti - The Yeti is furry and white with a blue stomach. Instead of throwing snowballs it throws poop.
  • Snowman - The Snowman is a giant snowman with black arms. Instead of throwing snowballs it throws snowman heads.
  • Japanese Robot - The Japanese Robot is red with gray arms, a yellow head, and yellow hands. It throws spike balls instead of snowballs.
  • Stone Monster - The Stone Monster looks almost identical to the Ice Monster except its made of stone and covered in moss. It throws stone blocks instead of snowballs.
  • Pink Bunny - The Pink Bunny is pink with a light pink stomach. It throws pink fluff instead of snowballs


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