Not to be confused with the Octopus from Pocket God: Journey To Uranus and the Pocket God Comics

The Ice Squid (also known as the Squid) is a squid that first appeared in Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole!.


It has a rounded head, thick eyebrows, purple eyes, sharp teeth and several suction-cupped tentacles. It is also colored purple.


The squid is exclusive to Ice Island. To make the squid appear, you must first toggle on the ice hole icon. If you stretch the sun, the Pygmies will begin to swelter under the heat, catch on fire, and melt through the ice, creating the ice hole. Once there is an ice hole, toggle on the squid icon and hold a Pygmy above the ice hole to attract the squid. If a Pygmy is held above the squid, it will wrap its tentacle around him and will not let go. If you let go of the Pygmy, the squid will eat it and go back into the ice hole. If you pull on the Pygmy you can play 'Tug-Of-War' with the squid. If you pull too hard, the Pygmy's head will come off and the squid will take the body into the ice hole. You can then swing around the head and drop it into the water.


  • The squid is one of two creatures that appear from the ice hole, the other being the swordfish.
  • Comically enough, the squid looks quite frightened when the Pygmy's head comes off.
  • Because of its rounded head, the squid looks more like an octopus.
  • The squid is the Pocket God iOS equivalent of the Skeleton Arm.