The Pocket God igloo

The Igloo is a feature exclusive to Ice Island and was introduced in Ep 29: The Pyg Chill. It is a type of shelter built out of snow where Pygmies can enter to cook fish.



The igloo is a place where you can drop Pygmies or fish in. If a Pygmy is dropped in and then is followed by another, the first Pygmy will be shot out of the side out the side, who will roll and knock any Pygmy in his way off the island. If a Fish and a Pygmy are inside, the Pygmy will cook the fish (seen only by smoke coming out the top) and climb out. If the igloo is tapped when a Pygmy and a fish are inside, the Pygmy will be shot out of the top. A Pygmy can enter the igloo by being dropped into it through the top or crawl in through the side.

Ice Monster

When fighting the Ice Monster, the boss of Ice Island, shooting Pygmies out the top of the igloo is a very useful method, and it has the same aim and not as sporadic as flicking. When fighting the Ice Monster, you always want to have a Pygmy cooking a fish in the igloo at the ready.

Alternate Igloo Forms


  • The igloo is used to represent Ice Island on the map.
    • In the skin packs, it is also used as the image for Ice Island extras.
  • It is the only place were you don't see the fish being turned into a cooked fish.
  • Although igloos are usually associated with the Inuit people, they were also constructed by Canada's Central Arctic and Greenland's Thule area.
  • For some reason, when you change the ice monster in the skin pack, not only do the snowballs that it throws change, but also the snowball that blocks the igloo's entrance.
    • This could have told that the igloo belongs to the Ice Monster.
  • The alternate skin for the igloo in the Retro Gamer Skin Pack is based off a ghost ('Blinky', to be specific), an enemy from the game 'Pac-Man'.
  • If you cook a fish and a pygmy is inside, it starts to cook. Once you press it, the pygmy flies of the island. This may be the same result of the campfire every time you press it, causing it to burn nearby pygmies.
  • For some reason, when you fire a Pygmy out of the entrance (by dropping another Pygmy into the Igloo), you cannot save the drowning Pygmy.