Infestation 1A

The Infestation cover with Cobra (G.I. Joe), Captain Spock (Star Trek), Optimus Prime (Transformers) and Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters). Since the first issue of Pocket God infestation was made after this cover, a Pygmy isn't shown.

Infestation is a comic by IDW publishing that the Pocket God Comics makes a cameo appearance in.


A quote about this comic series is:

"INFESTATION is IDW’s hugely successful comic series that infects the TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, Ghostbusters, and Star Trek universes with legions of undead. This unparalleled, never-before-seen event is now available digitally through the Apple App Store in the INFESTATION Comics app, made specially for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Readers can view full size pages, or read panel-by-panel simply by turning the iPhone or iPod touch horizontally. The app includes all the issues of the IDW event, as well as special features, such as a cover gallery and character designs."

The Pocket God cover.

"Pocket God" Issue Plot

Britt, a vampire/zombie soldier set on spreading the undead virus across universes, crosses over to the Pocket God universe. She sees the power of the Gem of Life (which allows the Pygmies to die and regenerate) and wants to steal it for herself. In the comic we learn of Nooby's shameful secret, met the zombie t-rex and zombie monkey, fight an army of undead pygmies, and more!

Release in the Pocket God Comic App

The Pocket God-influence Infestation comic will be released on the Pocket God Comic app, but not until after the Tale of Two Pygmies 3-issue arc (that's when these events occur), but you can get it early on the Infestation Comic App (the app itself is free).

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