Jack-O'-Pygmy is a global challenge on Pocket God Facebook. It was released with Facebook Ep.10: Attack of the Killer Pumpkin for Halloween.


Jack-O'-Pygmy is a spooky, imposing pumpkin vine. His head is a stemless Jack-O-Lantern with a green glow coming out of the holes. He has a brown, skeletal torso, with two similar arms. With his right arm he holds a lantern made out of a Pygmy head. Below the torso, his body is a long, green vine arching out of the ground.


His challenge message is:

Jack-O'-Pygmy wants to see pumpkins everywhere for Halloween! Can you help?

His challenge is to sacrifice 250000 Pygmies with the Magic Pumpkin. The loot to share is 1250000 Experience and 12500000 Sacrifice Coins.


When defeated Jack-O'-Pygmy will give an idol, the victory message is:

The world has turned orange! Be sure to throw away the pumpkins before the Earth turns blue.

The idol looks very similar to the real one, besides it is made from stone.