The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish first appeared in Ep 41: I Sting The Body Electric.


The Jellyfish have a transparent, hollow light blue head, with two cartoonish eyes and two large black eyebrows. They have a long, thick central tentacle that can be used like a mouth, and four lateral thinner tentacles with a stinger at their tips.

Sacrifices using Jellyfish

Like most animals, you can drag the Jellyfish around. There are 5 ways to sacrifice Pygmies with the Jellyfish.


Drag a Jellyfish so its head goes onto a Pygmy. The Pygmy will start breathing inside of it, making audible breathing sounds. However, the oxygen quickly runs out, and Pygmy suffocates. He turns blue, and both fade away. The Jellyfish promptly returns. Strangely, the Jellyfish's central tentacle disappears when doing this sacrifice.

Pygmy Stung by Jellyfish

Drag a Jellyfish so its body touches a Pygmy. Its tentacles will latch onto his back, and the Pygmy will swell before exploding into green slime.

Pygmy Devoured by Jellyfish

Drag a Pygmy onto a Jellyfish's head. It will struggle to get out, but the Jellyfish's head will turn white and begin to contract and expand, presumably, digesting the Pygmy. Finally, it spits out a bone.

Pygmy Smoothie

Drag a Pygmy to a Jellyfish's body. It will latch onto his back and begin drinking using its central tentacle. The Pygmy will somewhat wither and turn blue before floating away.

Circle Of Death

Drag all 5 Jellyfishes near each other. They will form a large circle with their lateral tentacles, their central ones pointing towards the centre with electricity flickering between them. If you drag a Pygmy to the centre, he will be electrocuted and explode. It's kind of hard to explain but go check out some videos, they might help.


  • The jellyfish looks like a Portuguese Man-of-War, a well-known deadly jellyfish.
  • All 5 jellyfish are on the screen at once.
  • There is a glitch in which a jellyfish swims up, up, and off the screen. They usually stay put, and cannot be dragged back down. It is unknown whether this is intended or not. 

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