A Pygmy in the Jet Pack

The Jet Pack is a feature in the mini-game Ooga Jump.


Get Pocket God in Your Comic Shop Contest

Main Article: Get Pocket God in Your Comic Shop

If you take a picture of a flyer in front of a comic store or bookstore, Bolt Creative will send you a code to unlock the jetpack and put your name in the chance to win an $1,000 iTunes gift card.

6,000 Oogles

If you choose not to take part in the contest, you can also unlock the jet pack by reaching 6,000 Oogles up in the Sky.


The password to unlock the Jet Pack is Journey To Uranus (in all caps).


  • This is the first Pocket God featured that needed to be unlocked in some way, or as they are called in the game, a "Bonus Pack".
  • There is also a Jet Pack in Doodle Jump, the game Ooga Jump is a crossover with, so there is a chance Bolt Creative got the idea from them.

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