Journey To Uranus Episode 2: Electric Booga-Loo is the first update and the second episode for Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It was released on February 9th, 2011.

New Features

This update added many on the features from the original Pocket God game. The following message is from the Journey To Uranus update screen. Do not modify it:

In this episode, new god powers have been added to Earth & Uranus. You now have the ability to change night and day, complete with dusk and dawn! On Earth, bring out storm clouds to generate lightning! Also on Uranus, a nocturnal fire-breathing dragon lurks! Also there is a new menu option to name Pygmies, and view God & Pygmy stats.

Time of Day


Promotional artwork for this episode

On Earth, being able to move the sun and thus create the moon has been added. You can scroll the sun and moon to turn it from day to night. There is also a sunset; thus the Pygmies stare at the sunset and sleep at night. On Uranus, the moon and sun has also been added. The moon is visible both day and night, and you can drag it in an arc across the screen to change to the different day and night modes. There is different sunset from Earth.

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds have been added to Earth, being able to generate Lightning, but on Uranus the equivalent of Storm Clouds is Uranian Gas like in Dragons on Uranus but instead of Lightning, you can drag a trail of these clouds up and poison the Pygmies on the island.

Fire Dragon

Main Article: Fire Dragon

Another new feature of Uranus included is the Fire Dragon. When the Sun is down, the dragon flies back and forth across the top of the screen, and when you tap and hold him, he starts shooting fireballs where ever you aim with your finger, you can then use these fireballs to burn the Pygmies.

Easter Eggs

On Earth, just like on Sand Island, if you tap the Sand Island Statue it will vaporize all the Pygmies on the island. Also, if you tap the Uranian Statue it will throw its scythe and slice all the Pygmies on the island in half.

Tribe Screen

Also a tribe screen has been added so that you can name your Pygmies, keep tally on your sacrifices, and change your god status.



  • It is possible that the name of this episode refers to the Pygmy Booga.
  • It's name is similar to that of Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo.