Mercury Rising is the second update and third episode of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. The update was submitted Monday, February 14th. It was relesed on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011.



Promotional artwork for this episode

The summary of this episode, from the Pocket Blog is that millions of years ago, in the Pygmian era, the planet Mercury was covered by a sprawling technological city, with inhabitants who are obsessed with speed...The inhabitants even keep a Mercurian Statue around that have the ability speed up time...which might be a good thing for Mercurians, but bad for Pygmies. Also, Mercury has they are reckless drivers with badly kept roads...thus the new game "Hover Jump" (inspired by the game "Bump and Jump") where the pygmy is thrust into the seat of a hover car and must race down Mercury highways, making jumps and avoiding crazy Alien Drivers.

Journey To Uranus Update Message

The following text is from the update message from Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. Do not modify it:

The technologically advanced planet Mercury has been added to the solar system! On it are Mercurian twists on familiar god powers. From there you launch the game Hover Jump where the Pygmy must bump and jump along a poopy and treacherous Mercury highway in a futurist hover car!

New Features


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This episode introduces the planet Mercury, a small technological planet that is closest to the sun. It has a silver ocean and it's own unique weather functionality. The Lightning works more like a Jakob's Ladder with little lightning feelers trying to electrocute anything they get close to. You can also drag two fingers with this lightning, and they will be connected together with lightning sparks.

Hover Jump

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The game with this update is called Hover Jump and is modeled after the arcade game Bump and Jump. The idea is that you are riding along in a circular hovercraft that can jump into the air and knock your opponents into the walls. The road twists and turns and has gaps that you need to jump over. However, if your hover fuel runs out while you are jumping over a gap, you lose a life.



PG Journey To Uranus Mercury Rising UPDATE

PG Journey To Uranus Mercury Rising UPDATE

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  • This is the first episode to introduce a new planet to the game.