Planet of the Living Dead[1] is the 5th episode of Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. The update was released on Wednesday, July 13th.



Promotional artwork for this episode

In this update, Graveyard Island has been added to the planet Earth. Drag the pygmy across the ocean to the right to find the new location. There lies a mysterious grave with strange markings on the tombstone. Tap the dirt to dig up the grave, drop a pygmy in, and tap the dirt again to bury the pygmy alive. The special power of the grave turns the Pygmy into a brain-eating Zombie. This sandbox function is based on the classic zombie function on Pocket God, but new and improved. Like Pocket God, the Zombies spread their infection, but now you can give uninfected pygmies an axe to defend themselves. The axe does a great job of dismembering Zombies, but doesn’t slow them down much as they will continue to crawl. The player can also drag zombies to different locations and experiment to see what he/she can do to them.

Update Message

The following text is from the update message from Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. Do not modify it:

The Graveyard Island has been added to Earth! Drag pygmies to the Graveyard Island where a mysterious grave lies. Bury a pygmy alive to turn him into a zombie! Experiment with this new sandbox function and help spread zombies to the rest of the solar system!

New Features

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Zombies infesting the new island

Graveyard Island

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The Graveyard Island has been added to Earth, gettting a redesigned look in this update. Its only function is the Zombie Grave, which creates Zombie Pygmies. The player can drag a Pygmy to the right of the Earth in order to get to Graveyard Island, instead of using the map.

Zombie Pygmies

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Burying a Pygmy alive in the grave makes him come out as a Zombie. Zombies can bite other Pygmies and transform them into Zombies as well. The player can take Zombie Pygmies to other planets to discover the other functions that only Zombie Pygmies can do. For example, Zombie Pygmies can be levitated and brought into Space and go to Mercury and Uranus. However, Zombies cannot be used to play mini games. They also cannot be flicked, as they will die as soon as they are touched in that manner.


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The player can give a Pygmy an Axe (which is lying on the island) and have him chop off the arms, legs and head of the Zombie Pygmies. Zombies will continue to walk or crawl with their missing limbs until you drop them in the water and destroy them.


PG Journey to Uranus Episode 5

PG Journey to Uranus Episode 5



  • It is the first episode in JTU where an alternate form of Pygmy is introduced in the game.