Klik's Six was a contest in the one the Pocket God Fans needed to send their fan art, the best ones will win one of the 6 places. It was announced in Pygmy Peril.


Here are the winners of the contest:

  • 6. Kerstan with some marvelous cupcakes of pygmy heads! (But not the severed kind)
  • 5. "Pizzadone" a mysterious person who made a comic strip, then narrated it on a film. the film is not available at this time.
  • 4. Danielle with an amazing list of ways to kill Pygmies on each island.
  • 3. Heather-Ellah with outstanding Pocket God shoes that she designed.
  • 2. Alé with a 30-page story called "The Way of The Pygmy", discussing the meaning of life.
  • 1. Last but not least, Jennifer with adorable cat Pygmies ><. She also made a Pocket God fan page on deviantART and made two youtube videos.


  • The idea of the contest is probably based on the fans that were naming themselves the biggest fans.

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