Not to be confused with the mini-game of the same name or episode of the same name

Konkey Dong is a gorilla introduced in Ep 36: Konkey Dong.


Konkey Dong is a giant blue ape, with shaggy hair, dark eyebrows, and two teeth sticking out of its mouth.


This ape, having its home on Ape Mountain, will kidnap Pygmies when they are placed on the Ape Idol and then another Pygmy must play a mini-game to rescue the kidnapped Pygmy. This second pygmy will yell "I'll save you!" via a Story Mode-style speech bubble and jump off Ape Mountain. If the mini-game is toggled off, Konkey Dong will just kidnap the Pygmy. The sacrifice for this is called 'Konkey Dong's Snack', implying that it will eat the Pygmy.


  • He is the second ape to be put into the Pocket God World, the other being the Giant Ape
  • Another piece of evidence that he will eat the Pygmy is that, in the comics, Klik, who was kidnapped by gorillas and then came back as a zombie, had his skin peeled off of his face like a banana.
  • As of Ep 37: The Moron Pests, Konkey Dong is the only boss without a skin pack, since the Barking Spider recieves one in that episode.
  • Excluding the spear fights with the T-Rex and Barking Spider, the beginning of the Konkey Dong mini-game is the only time a pygmy is seen in Pocket God putting its life in danger to rescue another (they are rarely seen even reacting to another Pygmy's troubles).
  • While pygmies thrown off Ape Mountain usually presumably fall to their deaths (they can be spawned immediately afterwards), the pygmy that willingly jumps at the start of the mini-game always survives the fall into Konkey Dong's lair.
  • Konkey Dong's name is a parody of the character Donkey Kong, a mascot of Nintendo, as is his lair and the entire mini-game surrounding it.