The first form of lava in the Pocket God World

Lava is a type of molten rock found in the Pocket God World and on Earth in Outer Space that comes out of a Volcano. It was introduced in Ep 3: You Always Hurt the One You Lava.


Lava currently can be found in three places:

  • Lava Tube: During the Crack is Wack mini-game, Pygmies must jump from rock to rock to escape lava that is chasing them. In this case, the "lava" is actually magma because it hasn't come out of a volcano. As well as there being a tide of lava chasing the Pygmy, the Pygmy will meet a fiery end if he falls into the sea of lava below him; that is, he misses his jump to the next rock.
  • Molten Lava Rock: Found deep inside the Lava Tube, this molten rock is presumed to be made out of lava and will explode when a Pygmy touches it.

    A close-up of lava falling


The lava in Pocket God is an orange-yellow color, but it is interesting to notice that the lava on the floor of the Lava Tube is more yellow than the lava that is chasing the Pygmy. Also, great orange globs of lava are erupted from the volcano but the preliminary lava spilling out of the volcano and the base of the erupting lava is is yellow and the top of the eruption is a more orange lava. Also, the globs of lava falling on the island appear to be orange with yellow flames.