A screenshot of the Lava Tube

The Lava Tube is a minigame area introduced in Ep 32: Crack is Wack. It is beneath the islands in the underground lava caverns of the Pocket God World and consisted of black platforms floating in orange lava. It is accessed by having a Pygmy drop through a crack made on the island.


The new god power introduced in this episode is the ability to make cracks in the island by dragging your finger across it. If a crack is made under a Pygmy, an orange light from the Lava Tube will show under the Pygmy, who will commence to fall through.


When a Pygmy falls through a crack made on an island, it will fall down with an echoing scream. Once in the Lava Tube, the Pygmy will look up to where it fell from but then yelp as lava burns him. Then it will commence the mini-game mentioned below. There are stalactites that come crashing down, bat poo, molten lava rocks, and a Demon. It is unclear if the Lava Tube has any connection to the Volcano in the distance of Sand Island, but it would make sense if that is where the Lava Tube gets its lava. There is also a multilayer scrolling effect that makes the Lava Tube look slightly 3D. If a Pygmy misses a platform and falls into the lava, it will sizzle and burn in a fiery death.

"The Runs" mini-game

Main article: "The Runs"

The Lava Tube is home to the mini-game of "The Runs", where a Pygmy sees how long he can run by jumping from platform to platform, but some platforms crumble and others make stalactites from from the cave ceiling. The mini-game is similar to another game, Canabalt, but it is not an official crossover.


  • It is unclear if the Demon will ever affect the Pygmy as he runs from the lava, or even become a future boss.
  • It is unclear what the Pygmy is running from, although it might be the insanely slow-moving magma that burns the Pygmy's foot at the start of the mini-game.
  • The Lava Tube is incorrectly named, as molten rock is called 'magma', and is only called 'lava' when it is above ground.