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Linsee is a character in the Pocket God comics.

Physical Description

Linsee is a female pygmy and the only pygmy with green eyes. Her hair color is red, which is put together in a low ponytail. She also wears a star clip and a claw similar to Booga's horn, but much smaller. She wears what seems to be a yellow grass skirt and top. Along with this, she also wears a pearl necklace.


Linsee: "Don't judge me!"

Teela: "Okay, that's it!"

Linsee: "Hey! What's with the jewerly?"

-Linsee, being angry when Teela puts an 'explosive' anklet on her.

Linsee often drinks fermented coconut milk, which results into her being drunk for a while. She used to not care about Teela worrying about her safety, until she accidentally killed her because of a stray laser shot. Linsee started to care about Teela once more. She felt uncomfortable when wearing an 'explosive' anklet, meaning if she drinks one more time, it will explode. Later after Teela was revived,  Linsee finds out her anklet was fake all along, and it was used only to teach her a lesson about not taking her friends for granted, similar to Moon.



Teela cares about Linsee and worries about her drinking problems. Linsee gets angry when Teela puts an 'exploding' anklet on her ankle. However, when she inadventernly killed Teela with a laser, she became upset. When Teela came back, she was glad, and she learns that her exploding anklet is fake.


So far, there are only little interactions between the two. However, Linsee did listen when Nooby was saying if he was ugly.


  • Linsee is often paired with Nooby by fans, due to them apparently being the least intelligent of their respective tribes. However, they don't seem to have a close or typical relationship in the comics.
  • She craves fermented coconut milk, which is the reason why Teela got accidentally killed.
  • When you look closely at Linsee on Issue 14, during the times where she, Dooby and Toola were hanging out, she is still drinking fermented coconut milk with her anklet on. But on Issue 16, when she had her anklet on, she tried to stop drinking when Teela said it would explode with one drop of cordial.
  • She occasionally hiccups loudly while being drunk.
  • It is revealed that she is excellent at climbing things, especially trees.
  • It is very likely that Linsee was based off of actress Lindsay Lohan, as they share the following similarities:
  1. They have similar names.
  2. They are both addicted to alcohol and are currently in rehab for it.
  3. Lindsay has dyed her hair red at one point.
  • So far in the comics, not even a single panel of Linsee dying and/or regenerating was shown.
  • Green eyes and red hair are actually one of the rarest combinations for people to have, which is what Linsee always bears.

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