The "Living Things, Dying Things" quest.

Living Things, Dying Things is a quest in Pocket God Facebook.


The message of the mission is:

Let's show these pygmies why a Pocket God put animals and plants upon the Earth.


The objective of the mission is to sacrifice 100 or 150 Pygmies, depending on whether this quest is attacked before or after the intermission. Pygmies must be sacrificed by using the Coconut Tree trap, using green acid (Venus Flytrap), dragged to the Venus Flytrap's mouth, eating too many Magic Mushrooms, eating the Bomb Cactus, jumping into the water due to a Bomb Cactus explosion, killed by shrapnel, drowning because of a shark slap, given the shark hat, eaten by the Shark, devoured by the Fire Ants, carried away by the Dodo, or dropped and drowned by the Dodo. If completed before the intermission, the player will receive 100 Experience and 1,000 Sacrifice Coins.
Living things, dying things

The Living Things, Dying Things quest.

If completed after the intermission, the player will receive 450 Experience and 4,000 Sacrifice Coins.