The Locust Queen

The Locust Queen is a large green insect that first appeared in Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm. She is exclusive to the Locust Room, within the temple on Apocalypse Island.


Her back is a dark green, with blue spots. Her belly is a lighter color of green with a brown freckle on it. She has two wings, two praying mantis like arms, four legs, and a tail. Her tail has a hole at the end to produce locusts. She has a large mouth, two antennae, three spikes at the top of her head, and two large glassy blue eyes with eye lashes.


The Locust Queen is found inside The Locust Room laying on her back on a pedestal with ten tentacles like spikes protruding from the outside. When a pygmy is given to her, she will swallow him and she will birth a swarm of locusts from her tail.


  • Pygmy Snack: Drop a Pygmy into the Queen's arms. She will catch him and eat him; first, she will eat the Pygmy's left arm, then his head, then the rest of him. Then she will make a loud burp, and her belly will enlarge and buzz, which means that she's pregnant and ready to give birth to the locust swarm.
  • Once the Queen has eaten at least one Pygmy, tap and hold the Locust Queen's belly. She will stretch her body and push locusts out of her tail.
    • A meal of one pygmy will create a light swarm that won't bother the other pygmies.
    • A meal of two pygmies will produce a medium swarm. The pygmies will run back and forth, waving their arms around to keep the locusts away.
    • A meal of three pygmies will create a dense cloud of locusts. The pygmies will run around and wave their arms at a faster rate.
  • You can also poke the Locust Queen's belly without feeding her, but the only result is that she will stretch her body in vain.


  • The most used form of the name seems to be the "LocustQueen" rather than the "Locust Queen". There's no explanation as to why.
  • The locusts and their queen are the fifth insects to appear in Pocket God. The other four are (in order of release): Fire Ants, Barking Spider, Beetle and Bee. But only the ants, the locusts and the spider are interactive.
  • The Locust Queen's size, and methods of giving birth to locusts slightly resemble the Xenomorph Queen from James Cameron's 1986 film, Aliens.
  • The Locust Queen, being a locust and having the title of Queen may reference Queen Myrrah, the Queen of the Locust Horde from the Gears of War franchise.
  • Ironically, locusts are swarm insects, but they do not rely on, or even have a queen to have as a method of reproduction.

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