Locust Latest

The Locust Room before the down door was opened

The Locust Room, also known as the Chamber of Locusts, is the second Chamber inside the Apocalypse Temple. It was introduced in Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm.


Its floor is a green platform over a pit. The walls are green with spiky vines or roots hanging down, and they are covered by a transparent slime. A glowing locust symbol is in the middle of the wall. Also, if you look closely you can see four light green glowing light orbs attached to the wall. The Locust Room holds the disgusting Locust Queen.

On the left is a stone exit to the Chamber of Time. On the right are two exits to other chambers. As of Ep 45 the upper one is open to the Dance Room, while as of Ep 46 the lower one is an acces to the Plague Room, and the stone door is replaced by another green tube.


The chamber has no special powers, but it is where the Locust Queen lives and where all the little locusts are born.


  • If you drop a Pygmy in the arms of the Locust Queen, she will eat the Pygmy, using the food to make locusts in her belly.
  • Pressing on the Locust Queen's belly after she's eaten will make her give birth to a swarm of locusts. The more Pygmies she's eaten, the more locusts she can produce (up to three Pygmies).
  • The locusts will bother the Pygmies, making them run around and wave their arms to ward them off.
  • The locusts can be dragged to a Pygmy, generating a Fat Pygmy or a Mutant Locust. They can also eat a Pygmy, or can pick him up and toss him like a volleyball.


There is currently discussion going on over whether this chamber should be called the Locust Room or the Chamber of Locusts. See the the Talk page for more info.


  • So far, this is the chamber with the most number of doors of the whole Apocalypse temple.
  • This is, so far the only Chamber that houses a animal, if we don't consider the balloons inside the Dance Room as living beings. The Xenu Altar houses Xenu, but only during the Apocalypse.