The Sand Island filled with locusts

Locusts are small bugs that are producesed by the LocustQueen in Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm.

How to Make Locusts

Locusts are made when the Locust Queen has eaten a few Pygmies and has been poked in the belly, shooting them out her tail.


The Locust Queen giving birth


  • The locusts will fly around the entire screen in an even chaos.
  • If there are a medium to heavy number of locusts (from feeding the Queen 2-3 pygmies), the pygmies will be bothered by the locust swarm. They will run around waving their arms to keep the bugs off.
  • If left alone (no interactions) for 30 seconds, the locusts will get bored and fly away.


The Locust Queen


  • Tapping and holding on a spot will make the locusts gather in that spot. You can swipe that spot off the edge of the screen to make the locusts go away quickly.
  • Sweeping your finger around the screen will make the locusts follow that line, similar to the patterns when causing lightning.
  • If you sweep a finger from the swarm to in front of a pygmy, a number of locusts will fly in the Pygmy's mouth. The Pygmy will swell up and become a Fat Pygmy.
  • If you sweep a finger from the swarm to above a Pygmy, one locust will fly down between the Pygmy's eyes and in his mouth. The Pygmy will transform into a Mutant Locust.
  • If you sweep a finger from the swarm to behind pygmy, the locusts will eat him. Similar to the Fire Ants, the locusts will carry away the Pygmy's bones.
  • If you sweep a line of locusts at a Pygmy's feet from below, the locusts will lift the Pygmy up and keep him airborne.
    • Poking a different spot on the screen will make the locusts toss the Pygmy like a volley ball.
    • You can slash across the Pygmy in mid-volley, and the locusts will slice through him like a Fruit Ninja.
    • Double-tapping the aloft Pygmy will make the locusts drop him.


  • They are the first flying insects directly controlled by the player.

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