Fire ants 2

The Magnifying Glass being used to incinerate a Pygmy

The Magnifying Glass is a large round lens that first appeared in Ep 13: March of the Fire Ants. It is large, circular and has a thick orange rim around it. It is also colored see-through.


The Magnifying Glass has a golden rimming with a few screws of the same colour on the edge. The actual lense itself is not much diffirent than if it was thin air, as it filters the background behind it into a faint, pale tinge.



The Magnifying Glass is exculsive to Sand Island. It only appears when the ant icon is toggled on. When toggled on, a magnifying glass will apear (as well as an anthill). It can be picked up, where it can be dropped back into the water. It is also affected by gravity. Picking it up and holding it at a certain height causes a focal point to appear (only works at day). If a Pygmy is in the focal point, the sun will be magnified by the lens and cause immense heat for the Pygmy. After a few seconds, the unfortunate Pygmy will set on fire, and if you keep holding the magnifying glass above it, the Pygmy will explode. Any other Pygmies will jump up due to the force of the explosion.

Fire Ants

The magnifying glass can also incinerate fire ants, by holding the magnifying glass over them when they are in a single file line.


  • Oddly, when a Pygmy is eaten by fire ants, the ant that is carrying the bone from the Pygmy's hair is immune to the effects of the magnifying glass.