A Marshmallowed Pygmy is a Pygmy that has been held over the campfire too long.

Marshmallowed Pygmy


Pygmies roast many things over their fire on Rock Island, but, as its title suggests, this time they've burnt one of their own! When you hold a Pygmy over the campfire, he becomes blackened and burnt. This type of Pygmy has little use, as it cannot move or be eaten by Pygmies (Pygmies have some sense of morals, they're not cannibals, even if the food has been finely roasted).

Geyser Easter Egg

When the Marshmallowed Pygmy is dropped into the Ice Hole on Ice Island, it will create a Geyser of water shooting up high into the sky. Sharp icicles drop and impale the Pygmies below. The Marshmallowed Pygmy can only be created on Rock Island. This type of Pygmy will break free from its burned form when tilted into the water; this Pygmy can not be retrieved, however, as the body does not float back up like normal Pygmies do when sinking.


  • If you drag the marshmallowed Pygmy across another pygmy (Idle, sleeping or occupied), that pygmy will flinch in the same way when you slap a fish onto a Pygmy.
    • However, the sound made by the 'slapping' is a vibrating sound.