The Mercurian Statue

The Mercurian Statue is a statue found on the planet Mercury. It was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 3: Mercury Rising.


The Mercurian Statue looks more like a robot than a statue. It has little jet packs on its head and back and is in the shape of a person. It is colored silver and has orange goggles. Most notably, it is holding a sort of staff with a light blue orb at the end.


If the the statue is pressed, the orb at the end of its staff will glow and crackle with electricity. It will then let loose a light blue circle, a sort of bull-eye target. If a Pygmy is placed inside this target zone, the power of the statue will begin. The statue has the ability to speed up time, thus, the Pygmy will age rapidly, its skin becoming older and leathery, and then finally dissolve into dust blow into the sky. If a Zombie Pygmy is put in the target zone the animation will reverse and they will turn into a normal pygmy. Any body parts that were dismembered will reappear, making the pygmy whole again.


  • It is the third statue to kill Pygmies in the game, the first being the Sand Island Statue and the Uranian Statue
  • It was mentioned on the Pocket Blog that the Mercurian Statue is of the God of the planet Mercury
  • It is the only God Statue in JTU to kill only one pygmy at a time (the Sand Island Statue kills all pygmies at once, while the Uranian Statue kills all pygmies to the left of it).
  • It is the only God Statue in JTU without a gem (unless the orb at the end of the staff is considered a gem, since it glows in a similar fashion to the red Gem of Life and the blue Uranian Gem).
  • If making an earthquake while a Pygmy dissolves, there will be a Pygmy spirit left over. Ending the earthquake will cause the Pygmy spirit to fall.
  • It is the fifth statue to kill Pygmies in the series.