The Mondo Skin Pack was released with Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm. It can be bought in the Customization Store.

Customization Abilities

This skin pack makes things in Pocket God Nerd style:

  • Meteor - turns into a multiple faces die
  • Dodo Bird - turns into a Dodo Nerd
  • Fish - turns into a little red squid
  • Doodler - turns into a Doodler Girl Nerd
  • T-Rex Egg - turns into a Robot Egg with yellow eyes
  • Coconut - turns into a donut
  • Outhouse - turns into a police room
  • Spear - turns into a pencil
  • Volcano - turns into a nuclear plant
  • Sand Island Statue - turns into an arcade machine with a skeleton behind
  • Underwater Statue - turns into a mondo chair
  • Moon - turns into the planet Jupiter
  • Igloo - turns into an observatory
  • The Island extras include a sock monkey, lava lamps, books and CD's, dinosaur toys and fishbowls


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