Moon is a female pygmy who appears in the Pocket God Comics.

Physical Description

Moon is the palest pygmy in her tribe. Her eyes are brown, like almost every other pygmy. She has black hair, with a suspicious blue stripe on a large bang that covers one of her eyes. She wears her hair in a pointy bun, held together with a thin wooden stick & skull. She wears a red cloth for her skirt and a leaf top consisting of red dyed leaves. She also wears a necklace made out of a black string with a silver bead.

Moon's appearance overall is based off of goth culture.


Moon isn't exactly sweet and sugar. She's very rude and quite bossy and mostly does the opposite of what she is told to do, unless the situation is dire for her as shown in The Pygmies Strike Back!. As shown in Issue 13, she apparently hates mushy feelings. She also states to Troin that she doesn't need friends in the same issue. She likes to cause problems with Klak. When trying to make him do various stunts, Klak didn't feel so confident, and was not used to dying so much. Though, he apparently had a secret growing-affection towards her. Once she encouraged him to do enough trouble, the two became closer and were now inseparable. In Gem-Cell Research, Moon is mentioned to be primarily brave and bold after knocking Booga & Dooby off a cliff in a game of "Capture the Coconut".