A whole tribe of Pygmies doing the moon dance.

The Moon Dance, also known as Musical Night, is a dance that the Pygmies perform in Pocket God Facebook. It is also a grace item.


How to Summon It


The First Quarter Moon

In order to make the pygmies dance, the player must have Lunar Phases. Then, make the Moon in its first quarter phase (it is half white with the white on the right side). The pygmies' reactions are to begin a tribal dance.

The Dance

There are three main stages of the dance, the Pygmies do them in a continuous loop until the moon phase is changed. They include twirling around, bouncing up and down, and other strange dancing motions. It is unclear why just seeing a certain phase of the moon will make the Pygmies perform this dance endlessly, besides the fact that it might have some spiritual meaning to them.

As a Grace Item


A Pygmy asking for the Moon Dance in a Thought Bubble

This is the only phase Pygmies ask for in a grace request, and putting the Moon to this phase when a Pygmy asks for it will earn you 1 Devotion Point. This grace request can be very helpful during such rival god challenges as Mother Nature. Unlike Dance Dance, the Moon Dance is purely grace and will not harm the Pygmies in any way.

In Rival God Quests

In addition to being helpful in the Mother Nature quest, the Moon Dance is also useful against SkekDodo. Simply have the Pygmies dance together around the Orange Fish and have the Dodo Bird pick the Pygmies off one at a time. The Pygmies won't move their position and won't eat the fish while they are dancing, so it is the perfect way to speed up the quest by having the dodo take them away as they defenselessly dance.

"The Liberty Bell" Global Challenge

Main Article: The Liberty Bell

Grace Requests for the Moon Dance were specifically important in the global challenge The Liberty Bell, released in honor of the Fourth of July. The goal of the challenge was to answer 100,000 moon dance grace requests.


  • It is the only lunar phase that the Pygmies ask for in a grace request
  • During The Liberty Bell challenge, fireworks go off in the background during the Moon Dance.
  • By activating the Lunar Phases power under the God Powers tab, it is possible to make the pigmies do the Moon Dance and howl when the sun is still in the sky by clicking on the sun and dragging left or right as if it was the moon, however the 'new moon' phase that would make the pigmies light their torches is not available while the sun is in the sky.
  • When a Pygmy has "Nooby's Bone" the bone seems to turn but not change the direction while the pygmy is twirling.

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