The Moon Witch is an enemy in the minigame Decapithon.


The Moon Witch


Her cameo


The Moon Witch has green skin, black hair, a skull in her hair, and (like most Decapithon enemies) no pupils.



The Moon Witch spitting

The Moon Witch attacks a Pygmy by spitting acid loogies at the player. When hit with the spit, the player will lose health. The spit arcs towards the player, but if you are directly below or above her, she shoots straight. The Witch will not halt spitting if hit with an axe.


  • Watch out for attacks from different height levels. They are good shots.
  • Move to the left/right to avoid her attacks. As she spits, move forward or backward to get out of the way. When she spits next, move back to the place you were standing before. This way, she will be dead pretty quickly.


  • She is said to appear by Allan and Dave in the Pocket God Comics. As this character resembles and has a similar name as Moon, a female pygmy from the comics, if Moon became a zombie, she would probably become like this.
  • She also appears as a Graveyard background's extra, alongside with Big Booga.
    • Unlike the original Moon Witch here, the cameo pygmy has a light blue hair streak like she supposed to have.