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Moonface is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook. He is summoned by overusing the Torch, a sacrifice involving the Lunar Phases.


Moonface is a tall, brown owl with red eyes and comical eyebrows. He has pale feet and chest feathers.


The description of his challenge is:

When the moon hides its face, fire lights our way.

His old challenge was to sacrifice 600 Pygmies in 1.5 days. His regular challenge is to sacrifice 50 Pygmies in 1 day. When this is completed, his second challenge is to sacrifice 75 Pygmies in 3 days. His third challenge, then, is to sacrifice 100 Pygmies in 3 days. His fourth challenge is to sacrifice 100 Pygmies in 2 days, and his final challenge is to sacrifice 150 Pygmies in 3 days.


The idol for Moonface is shiny and blue. It awards bonus experience for sacrifices involving the Torch.


  • The Moonface idol bears a similarity to the Owl Idol from Pocket God iOS.
  • The texture of his idol contains sparkles resembling the surface of a moon.
  • His name is a pun for moon phase.

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