IMG 0692

A screenshot from the mini-game.

Moron Pests is a minigame based on DistinctDev's 'The Moron Test' (because of their cross-over) that was introduced in Ep 37: The Moron Pests. It takes place inside the Snake.


How to Access this Mini-Game

To play this mini-game, you must first go to the Island of Misfit Crossovers and toggle on the mini-game by pressing the turtle icon. After this, drop the Snake on a Pygmy's head and the snake will swallow it whole. Inside the snake, the Pygmy falls on the turtle, angering it, then beginning the mini-game.

How To Play

The goal of the game is the last as many Oogles as you can without being eaten by the turtle. To accomplish this, you have to answer Moron Test-style questions, such as pressing certain colour buttons, tapping rubber ducks depending on size, tapping bees from left to right/top to bottom and vise versa, and touching one of two items with similar-sounding names. The Pygmy runs faster when you answer a question right and the turtle catches up if you answer a question wrong or take to long to answer it. When the turtle is close to the Pygmy, it snatches it with it's mouth, hides in it's shell, eats the Pygmy and spits out it's hair bone, ending the mini-game.


  • The music that plays during this mini-game is a faster-paced version of The Moron Test's theme.
  • During the colored buttons questions, sometimes the game asks you to press a series of buttons (like "press blue, then green twice, then orange" or "press purple 8 times"). During these questions, there is a chance that the buttons will periodically switch places, causing frustration.
  • Since the bees are so tiny, the hit detection may be weird, causing much frustration.
  • During the choose between two choices questions or colored button questions, sometimes the text displays "don't press/choose the X". Tapping anything will cause the question to be wrong. To answer these questions, do nothing, although there is a chance that the turtle will catch up until the game awards you a correct answer. In those scenarios, disobey the question and answer the next.
  • The Moron Pests is the second competition in the Olympygs, which is "sponsored" by Ooga.