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Mother Nature
Be a better caretaker than
Mother Nature herself.
Domain Grace
Max Participants 5
Requests 50 Grace Requests
Time 120 hours
Loot 500 Experience
5000 Sacrifice Coins

Mother Nature is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook. She is summoned when you obsessively nurture the Pygmies - that is, when you give them what they ask for in their thought bubbles (these are known as grace requests). Answering a pygmy's grace requests also awards the player 1 point of Devotion.


Mother Nature is an overweight, stern female Pygmy. She wears clothing crafted from leaves. She wears a gold hairband and a red flower ornament. She displays a gold/red necklace on her torso. She has purple eyes, long eyelashes, and black hair.


The description of her challenge is:

Be a better caretaker than Mother Nature herself.

Her old challenge is to grant 125 requests in 5 days. Her regular challenge is to grant 50 requests in 5 days.


The idol for Mother Nature is dark brown. It has a blue gem on its forehead. It awards extra Energy and Sacrifice Coins upon fulfilling graces.


  • Mother Nature has purple eyes.
  • She is the only non-global rival god that does not involve sacrifices.
  • Her idol's composition appears to be wood.