Mutant Locust

A mutant locust.

A Mutant Locust is a Pygmy that has swallowed a locust. The result is a pygmy that changes into a locust-like mutant. It first appeared in Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm.

Physical appearance

Episode 44

The Mutant Locust as seen on the game icon.

Mutant Locusts have bumpy green skin with a yellow belly. They have four arms with pincer-like hands. They hop around on grasshopper-like legs. They have two antennae, large blue glassy eyes, and an overbite like most bugs do. The bone in their hair is now wrapped around an odd growth inbetween the antennae.

Making a Mutant Locust

Go to the Locust Room. Feed a pygmy or two to the Locust Queen, then press on her belly. Locusts will fly out and buzz around the room. Press somewhere on the screen to gather them up, then drag them over to a Pygmy's head. One will fly between the pygmy's eyes and in its nose/mouth. A second later the pygmy transforms into a large mutant insect.

(If you drag the line of locusts to the pygmy's body, they will eat him instead, leaving a skeleton. If you drag too short a line, then the locusts will infest the pygmy, turning him into a Mutant Pygmy.)


  • Poking a Mutant Locust will "squash it like a bug". Green ichor flies in all directions.


  • The Mutant Locust will jump around on screen now and then.
  • Leave the Mutant alone for about 30 seconds, and it will get bored and fly away.