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Mystery island

The Mystery Island quest.

Mystery Island is a quest in Pocket God Facebook.


The message of the mission is:

Try to figure out these 3 mystery sacrifices. If you cheat, you'll be cursed.


The objective of the mission is to figure out the three mystery sacrifices. The clues are: "Brought up by going down", "Clutched in the cold fingers of death from whence comes sustenance", and "Dragged into the jaws of a green death". All these sacrifices have to be done five times.A total of 15 Pygmies must be sacrificed using Gravity, a Fridge, and the Venus Flytrap. For Gravity, the island must be upside-down. The Pygmies are not supposed to drown, but rather disappear into the sky. For the Venus Flytrap, the player must manually drag the Pygmies above the Venus Flytrap. Clicking on the carnivorous plant does not count. If completed before the intermission, the player will receive 50 Experience and 500 Sacrifice Coins. If completed after, then 300 Experience and 2,500 Sacrifice Coins will be awarded instead.

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