Neeboo is an alien that roams around Outer Space in a small space ship in the game Pocket God: Journey To Uranus.


Neeboo is a classic alien interpretation, with the large green, martian-like head and an orange suit and green hands. He also has bug-like eyes, and a small, egg-shaped space-ship that he travels around in.

"A-Hole in Time" Mini-Game

Main Article: A-Hole in Time

If you hold a Pygmy in front of Neebo's spacecraft, he sucks a pygmy into his ship. This generates a minigame called A-Hole in Time, where Neeboo uses the regenerating power of the Pygmies to shoot them at oncoming Evil Robots.


The "You have been recruited" screen with Neeboo

"You Have Been Recruited"

Neeboo says one line in the game, "You Have Been Recruited", in the help menu of the game before a summary of the mini-game mentioned above. According to the credits of the game, he is voiced by Ned Spindle for this line.


"Die, Die, Die!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"You have been recruited!" Instructions Phrase

"Who's your daddy?" Random Phrase (In Game)

"Eat pygmies you robot wierdos!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"I rule!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"Yes!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"Sweet mother infinity!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"Really? Thanks robots!" Random Phrase (In Game)

"I'm out of pygmies." Random Phrase (In Game)


  • Neeboo is the first alien for anything to do with Pocket God.
  • When you go to the help menu, Neeboo says "YOU HAVE BEEN RECRUITED!". This is the only sound the help menu makes.
  • Neeboo looks like the "Aliens" face in The Pocket God Update Song.
  • Since Neeboo talks, this can mean he is the first character in the Pocket God franchise to actually talk.