A bunch of Noobs.

"Fink. Shink. Tink."
—A group of Noobs

Noobs are characters in the Pocket God Comics Holiday Special "X-Mas Marks the Spot".


Noobs are creatures created by Red and are the clones of Nooby. They are the failures of Red's cloning experiment. They are always dumb.

Physical Description

The Noobs are shockingly different from one to the next. Each Noob varies in height, weight, size, mental ability, limbs, etc.


The Noobs all have a power of which they explode when touching something. They used this power to help Nooby get out of the Igloo and to defeat the Ice Monster.


They are cloned from Nooby by Red, who pumps 300 volts of static electricity into Nooby to give life to them.


They willingly sacrifice themselves to help Nooby by exploding the Ice Monster into shrapnels.


Three Noobs are seen at the end of issue 20. One has one eye, another has a tiny head on his side, and the last's one's eyes are close together. Strangely, the last one can actually speak words instead of the FUNK SHUNK TUNK language.

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