Nutty McPlasm is a Rival God in Pocket God Facebook , and he's summoned when the Palm Tree power is overused. He was introduced in Facebook Ep. 16: Pocket God.


Nutty appears to have a coconut head with a blue face that looks like plasma water. His body is a coconut tree.


The description is:

Don't ye play with nuts ye cannae, wid ye?

His regular challenge requires 100 Pygmy deaths within three days.

His new challenge is 15 Pygmy deaths


When defeated, Nutty McPlasm gives you his idol. This idol gives more experience when sacrificing pygmies with the Palm Tree.


  • When the player gets the challenge, it appears that Nutty is talking. If so, he talks in a Scottish accent. If you also challenging "The Beast Of Abyss" and you use the palm tree to throw pygmies into the water, both challenges count per pygmy +1.

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