Old Fart Ooga

Old Fart Pygmy

The Old Fart Pygmy is an alternate pygmy form that is created in the Chamber of Time. It first appearance was in Ep 43: Killing Time.

Physical Appearance

The Old Fart Pygmy is an old version of the Pygmy, with wrinkles and gray hair. He has a grumpy expression and attitude. The Old Fart walks hunched over with a cane, and frequently complains.

Making an Old Fart Pygmy

To make an Old Fart Pygmy, go to Apocalypse Island and enter the Chamber of Time. Use the lever to move the platform to the left-most end. Put a Pygmy on top of the platform and tap on the platform.


  • The Old Fart Pygmy is immune to most interactions. He doesn't sleep, monkeys and sharks won't touch him, and lightning goes through him.
  • If dropped in the water, the Old Fart drowns immediately. He also can't go into The Underwater Area or the Coral Reef.
  • If you put food close to him, he'll pick it up and throw it away, yelling "Coconuts and fish again!?"
  • If you drop him from a height, he will fall over when he hits the ground.
  • Tilting the world will knock him over.
  • If you poke the Old Fart Pygmy, he will have a heart attack and die.


  • "Whippersnappers!"
  • "Shut up!"
  • He'll randomly poop himself.
  • He frequently falls down on his own.

Once he's fallen, he'll say:

  • "Hey, hey you, pick me up."
  • "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"
  • He'll fall asleep, then wake up and cry, "Wh-wha? Where am I? Who am I? Who are you?"


  • The statement "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" was made famous in the 1990s in commercials for the LifeAlert messager for senior citizens.
  • If you compare his skirt to the normal pygmies, it seemed longer.
  • They have issues standing up.