Ooga Jump Oogles

Oogles are a unit of measurement in Pocket God, used to measure different things in different mini-games. In Ooga Jump, they measure height and are about 1/10 of a Pygmy's height, but in Pain Drain they measure depth and The Runs they measure distance. They are first used in Ep 22: Ooga Jump.

Pocket God Appearances

In the original game, they appear in the following mini-games, their areas, and the episode the mini-game was introduced in:

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus

In the Pocket God spin-off Pocket God: Journey To Uranus they appear in one place. However, they are slightly different, as they are referred to as "Kill-a-Oogles" (a pun on "kilometers") because they are used cover a longer distance. They are in:


  • It is unknown how long is an Oogle compared to other forms of measurement, but it is thought to be about 4 inches.
  • They appear to the standard (and only) form of measurement in the Pocket God World.
  • Oogles are a form of currency on the Pocket God Forums.