The Orange Fish is the fish that replaces the blue fish in the Pocket God on Facebook.


As Food

The orange fish is toggled on with the Fishing Rod. It acts the same as the blue fish in the fact that it simply swims in the water and, when caught, will be pulled out of the water and be able to be eaten. Some minor differences are that the orange fish tries to pull off the hook more by tugging in different directions. Also, intead of staying alive on the island, the fish hops for a few seconds and dies to become the fish in the picture below. The orange fish is the second animal in Pocket God Online next to the shark. Except, the shark can be toggled off in the animals section, while the orange fish can be toggled off by turning off by the fishing rod.

Bomb Fruit

More orange fish appear with the normal one when the Bomb Fruit is dropped into the ocean. The two dead orange fish rise to the surface of the water with a Blue Fish, a Green Fish, and a Glow Fish. They then fall back down to below the screen.


As of Facebook Ep. 2: Clash of the Frightened, the fish remained the same, except, when dead, it's mouth is now a vomit green color.

Orange fish com

Orange Fishes in Pocket God Comics

In the Comics

In the Pocket God Comics, a school of orange fish appeared in Issue #2. But, Issue #2 came out before Pocket God Facebook was even released. Meaning the orange fish to the right could possibly be a school of orange fish like the one in Pocket God Online, or could just be a coincedince that there were orange fish.


  • In Episode 1, the orange fish looked some-what flat when it is in the process of dying. But, it was fixed in the next episode.
  • The orange fish comes back to life when the player picks up the orange fish, but when the player drops the fish again, it is dead again.
  • There is a glitch in the game that, if the player grabs the pygmy while it is swinging the fish into the air, the rod will drop and the orange fish will disappear from the rod and from the water, making it no longer possible to catch the fish until the fishing rod is refreshed.