The Pain Drain

This article is for the mini-game area. Go here for the mini-game of the same name

The Pain Drain is a mini-game area that first appeared in Ep 31: What's the Story Morning Gory?.


To enter it, you must first toggle on the plug icon and pull the Plug, which creates a whirlpool on the ocean floor. Then drag a Pygmy to it, which sucks it down the plug hole. This takes the Pygmy to the Pain Drain and starts the mini-game.


It is a large, ancient, ruins-like drainage system that is located underneath the Underwater Area. There are many slimy shelves coated with seaweed that the Pygmy slides on to get lower and lower in the drain, chains on either side, and spikes on the top and bottom of the area. These spikes remain at the top and bottom of the visible area no matter how deep the Pygmy progresses. The Pain Drain is endless, with any Pygmy who gets sucked into it being doomed to fall forever - until they slide onto a cluster of spikes.


  • It is the first minigame area in Pocket God where the menu bar is absent.
  • It is the first minigame area that can only be accessed from a single island/area.
  • Oddly, the Pain Drain doesn't seem to be wet or have traces of water, despite the fact that it is located under the ocean and has sucked up a lot of water when the plug was pulled out.