The Pain Drain

This article is for the mini-game. Go here for the area where the mini-game takes place

The Pain Drain is a mini-game that first appeared in Ep 31: What's the Story Morning Gory?.


To get to it, you must first toggle on the plug icon and pull the Plug, which creates a whirlpool on the ocean floor. Then drag a Pygmy to it, which sucks it down the plug hole. This takes the Pygmy to the Pain Drain and starts the mini-game. In this mini-game you must tilt the iPod Touch/iPhone back to guide the Pygmy through the Pain Drain and avoid the spikes at the top and bottom for as long as possible. Each "level" of the Pain Drain consists of two slimy "shelves", with a gap in between them. The aim of the mini-game is the slide through the gap before the top row of spikes descends to that level, but not so soon that the Pygmy will fall onto the bottom row of spikes. The apparent depth of the mini-game is limited only by how long the player can avoid the spikes.


  • It is similar to Ooga Jump as it is measured in Oogles and but instead of going up you are going down.
  • If the player does not move the pygmy at all, the pygmy will be killed at exactly 35 Oogles.
  • Pain Drain is the fourth mini-game for the Olympygs, being 'sponsored' by Klik.
  • It is a reference to Main Drain from Spongebob, only for the "M" in Main to be replaced with "P".