The Pine Tree

The Pine Tree is a tree on Ice Island and was introduced in Ep 29: The Pyg Chill.


The Pine Tree is an evergreen tree with a large trunk. Several snow-covered branches stick out from its sides. Its only function is to decoration the Ice Island.


  • The Pine Tree is the only tree in Pocket God that has been officially named (see Holiday Skin Pack).
  • The Pine Tree is the only tree in Pocket God that has snow on its branches.
  • Oddly, the snow on the pine tree never melts, even in hot sun.
  • The Pine Tree, the Pink Gumdrop Tree, the Rock Island Tree, and the Spider Web Tree are the only Pocket God trees that don't provide food.
  • Even though Ice Island is very cold, the pine Tree does not shed its leaves, as it is an evergreen tree.

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