Planets are areas in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, much like the different islands in the original Pocket God. There are three planets: Earth, Mercury, and Uranus.

General Properties

All of the planets can be accessed from space. They orbit around the sun, and you can move them along their orbits as fast as you want simply by flicking them in that direction. They can be entered by bringing a pygmy to one then letting go. They will fall through the sky, burning like meteors, and will crash onto the surface.


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Earth is basically another incarnation of the Pocket God World, with two islands: Sand Island and Graveyard Island, both very similar to their Pocket God versions. Its mini-game is Volcano Blast. Earth was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 1: Journey to Uranus.


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Uranus is a sky-themed planet, stemming from the fact that Uranus (Roman Caelus) was the Greek god of the sky. There are many dragons, and Uranian Gas replaces lightning on the planet. Its mini-game is Dragons on Uranus. Uranus was intorduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 1: Journey to Uranus.


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Mercury is a speed-themed planet, stemming from Mercury (Greek Hermes) was a Roman god known for being quick. It is covered by a giant city and has the Mercurian Statue, which makes pygmies age rapidly until they die. Its mini-game is Hover Jump. Mercury was introduced in Journey To Uranus Episode 3: Mercury Rising.

Speculation about Future Planets

Obviously, with future updates will come future planets, just as new islands apeared in the original Pocket God. Here are some suggestions: Mars the War Planet (Charlie's home planet), Venus the Peace Planet, Jupiter the Giant Planet, Neptune the Underwater Planet (Replacing The Underwater Area on Earth) Saturn the Farming Planet (Like Rock Island but no Dinosaurs) and Pluto the Cold Planet (Replacing Ice Island).

Lightning on the Possible Planets

  • Mars' lightning might be a meteor shower.
  • Venus' lightning could be Acid Rain (despite it being a peace planet).
  • Jupiter's lightning might be actually the same, or it will scare other pygmies away.
  • Neptune's lightning might affect everything, since it's underwater (including any fish).
  • Saturn's lightning might strike two Pygmies at a time.
  • Pluto's lightning could be a Hailstorm (Despite it being cloudless in real life).


  • Uranus, instead of lightning, has gas clouds.