Platforms are surfaces on Pocket God: Ooga Jump that helps your Pygmy go higher.

Standard Platform

CrystalPlatform-Ooga Jump

Crystal Platform

StandardPlatform-Ooga Jump

Sand Platform

At the very start of the game, these mostly appear.

They have no special power, however, but they sometimes have destroyable crystals on it that can provide gems (used to buy things such as skins, skip objectives, boosts, etc.). This is also the platform that events such as monkeys, the Mercurian Statue, meteors, warning signs and the Uranian Statue/s stand on.

On higher heights, some platforms of this kind are moving left to right, with its speed changing according to how high you are.

Crystal Platforms are like Standard Platforms, but with destroyable crystals that provides you money/gems to buy stuff at the store.

High-Bounce Platform

HighBounce-Ooga Jump

High-Bounce Platform

It is similar to the Standard Platform, but it has an unusually big purple flower on it.

These serve a little boost upward, with the flower serving as some sort of an alternative for a trampoline. It doesn't appear much in events, or doesn't appear at all. When you go higher, some platforms of this kind are moving.

Also, this is good with slam bounce if you want to go higher quickly.

Low-Bounce Platform

LowBounce-Ooga Jump

Low-Bounce Platform

This is also similar with the Standard Platform, but it has an additional ooze on it. It makes the Pygmy jump lower. It appears on almost all the events, exempting the Fire Ants and the Barking Spider.

There are also platforms like these that are moving as you go higher, yet its appearance is a bit uncommmon.

If you unecessarily landed on this kind of platform, you can go higher using slam bounce, although it can only make a little difference.

Single-Bounce Platform


Single Bounce Platform

These platforms can only be landed on once, as stated by the name. It will be destroyed if it's bounced on. You can also do the slam bounce here.

These platforms appear when you go higher. Also, moving platforms of this kind will appear on higher heights as well.

Pass-Through Platform

PassThrough-Ooga Jump

Pass-through Platform

These platforms are the only ones that the Pygmy cannot bounce on, as it diminishes upon contact. On higher heights, these platforms sometimes hide behind other stable platforms and moves out and in again or just move.

Other Skins's Platforms




  • When you go high up like almost 1000 Oogles, there will be more moving platforms rather than still ones.
  • In the midst of a 1000 and above Oogles climb, the platforms will be fewer.
  • The gems that the crystals on crystal platforms give out increases when you go higher.