The Plug over the whirlpool to the Pain Drain

The Plug is a feature of The Underwater Area that triggers the Pain Drain Game. It was introduced in In Ep 31: What's The Story, Morning Gory?


By toggling on the plug icon, a plug will appear. By pulling on the plug's chain, the plug is pulled out, creating a whirlpool. If a Pygmy goes into the whirlpool, it will be sucked into into an ancient drainage system; the Pain Drain, a mini-game where you must tilt the iPod Touch/iPhone left and right to guide the Pygmy through the ruins without being impaled by the spikes on the ceiling and floor. Also, if you decide you don't want to play Pain Drain, you can replug the hole.


  • It is the strange that the Pain Drain is quite a dry environment when the whirlpool lets in a lot of water when has been unplugged.

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