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The Pocket Blog is the Pocket God news page run by the folks at Bolt Creative. Most posts are from Allan Dye. Stories generally cover game updates, competitions, Pocket God related news items, and other related materials.

Originally the Blog was hosted at In January of 2012 it was revised and moved to the front page at


Pocket Blog releases the latest information and news about Pocket God, including contests, upcoming updates, general information, videos, and random stuff. The BoltCreative website focuses primarily on all things Pocket God (and keeps everything on the site), while the blog focused on videos of Pocket God on Youtube and linked to other websites instead. The events covered on the Blog have included: the episodes and releases, announcements, events on the Pocket God (Facebook) version, minigames turned into their own separate games (such as Pocket God: The Runs and Pocket God: Ooga Jump), status reports, an interview, Pocket God Comics teasers, and various pieces of fan art.

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