The following is a list of faults or errors that appear in the game Pocket God: Ooga Jump. These are named as Glitches. Most of the glitches are not, however, potentially dangerous to the saved data of the game.

These glitches happen rarely and randomly. In the future updates, they may be fixed. But for now, there could be one at any moment of playing Ooga Jump. Just keep an eye out for one!

Infinitely Broke Glitch

First, start a game. Climb exactly 2500 Oogles. Collect exactly 13 gems. When it says 2500, kill off your Pygmy. You will have no gems when you respawn. From what I know, you MUST have only 13 gems and be at approximately 2500 oogles.


First instance of a glitched Pygmy

Pygmy/Background Glitch

There are instances that either the Pygmy will be just white block/s or the background will have a black block then a temporary different skin (even when not bought), although none of these glitches cause harm to the game.

Screen is just background

This glich is very hard to explain. When a game is started, the screen is just the background. The pygmy's falling sound will play infinitely and you cannot turn off your device or quit until the power runs out. Believe me, this is very annoying.

Infinite dodo

The dodo, when summoned, may fly around for the rest of the game without stopping. To solve it, just die.

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