The following is a list of glitches that appear in Pocket God Facebook.

No-Customize Glitch

Spawn a Pygmy on the Jungle Island. Do not kill the Pygmy. Then, customize the Pygmy. Exit the customization and go back to Jungle Island. The Pygmy will look the same as when you first spawned it, without the customization. Then, kill it. Drowning is the most preferable, as it kills the Pygmy quickly because of the Piranhas. Then, spawn him again. He will have the customization. This ONLY works on Jungle Island for some reason. It happens no matter how many times you try, but you MUST be on jungle island.

One Leg Pygmy Glitch

Pick up the Shark and drop it on a pygmy. The pygmy should run around. Occasionally, he will have only one leg. This looks very awkward and amusing. This is very, VERY rare. Learn more about it in the article Shark.

Never Ending Moon Dance Glitch


Day-time Moon Dance

Make the Pygmies do the Moon Dance. While they are Moon Dancing, put one Pygmy into the Cocodrink Fridge or the St. Pat Fridge. Make it day and let that Pygmy out of the fridge. He or she will be dancing even though its daytime. The Pygmy can be moved, but when dropped, will start dancing again. To stop dancing, just kill the Pygmy.

No Name Glitch


No Name Glitch

To make a Pygmy have no name, just put it in the Cocodrink Fridge or St. Pat Fridge. Let the Pygmy out of the fridge and it will have no name under it. The name will come back when you levitate or kill the Pygmy.

Disappearing Fishing Rod Glitch

No fishing rod

Turn on the Fishing Rod and let a Pygmy start fishing. While the Pygmy is fishing, just levitate the Pygmy and then drop it. The rod disappears and cannot be recovered until you reactivate the fishing rod.

Cut Off Reaction Glitch (Facebook Version)

After the final pygmy is sacrificed using Kali's Weapon Rack, during the "Hi-Islander Recognition" action, change the time to sunset. This skips the cutscene, awarding the well-deserved 5 Experience and 60 Sacrifice Coins faster. Note that the Pygmy will drop its weapon.

Off the Island Glitch

Go to the Big Island or the Sand Island (the Big Island works best) and spawn all the Pygmies. Then go to the Tiny Islet spawn both of the Pygmies. The Pygmies will walk off the islet and walk on top of the water, as if there was an island there.But also (I don't know how) without changing the islands, it's possible.

No Click Levitation Master Glitch


The No Click Levitation Master Glitch

While levitating a Pygmy, drag the mouse offscreen and then let go. Then, if you move your mouse back onscreen, although you released your mouse button, the Pygmy will still be levitated until you click with the mouse button. This also works on a variety of other objects. This DOES NOT WORK on Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9, as I found out soon enough.

Low Pygmy Glitch

This requires the Lunar Phases and the Fishing Rod. Give a Pygmy the fishing rod. While it's fishing, make it nighttime. Now activate the first quarter moon (Moon Dance) and hold the mouse below the Pygmy, as though you were flicking it. Pull the mouse down to cancel, and the pygmy will be slightly lower than the rest.

Invincible Pygmy Glitch

First, flick 2 pygmies into the volcano so the lava flows out of it and then spawn all the pygmies back onto the island. Next, flick another pygmy into the volcano so it errupts and then tilt the screen with gravity just so the pygmies lose their balance but do not slide. Now when the lava hits them, they will not be effected by all God Powers apart from gravity and a few others. If you do respawn any of the invincible pygmies, they will be back to normal and can be killed however you wish.

Drunk Pygmy Glitch

Let a pygmy drink Root Beer or a Cocodrink. The second that the Pygmy opens the fridge, immediately disable the fridge. The Pygmy will get dizzy and not drunk. But the sound effects of the Pygmy drinking still linger for some time.

Swimming on Land Glitch


An example of the glitch occuring.

If the player creates a hurricane and then switches to white clouds, occasionally a pygmy will fall on the ground and do the animation of drowning. Then, it will drown with the others and disappear.

Automatic Levitating Glitch

Sometimes, when you leave the Pygmies alone, the Pygmies will fly away and cannot be retrieved unless you refresh the game.

Super Speed Glitch

Sometimes, a Pygmy will run without his feet moving. There are high chances that this will happen on slow computers.

Sink in Air Glitch

Put a pygmy somewhere where he cannot be affected. Then cast a hurricane and grab the pygmy. The pygmy will now drown while you are holding it.

Don't Fall Glitch

First put pygmies on the island, and second fastly turn the island upside down. Now flick or bonk the head of the pygmy. If flick mode do not flick him, just cancel it.Now the pygmies walk backwards in the upside down world. If you give the pygmy an action and turn the island correctly (don't deactivate Gravity) he or she will be shown upside down.

Messy Nooby Hair Glitch

If you bought Nooby's Hair for 250 Sacrifice Coins in the Customization Store and applied it, sometimes the three-pointed hair of Nooby will point in when it should be pointing out. This happens very often when levitating the Pygmy.

Graphical Horn Glitch


When life gives you corn, you thank the gods for not giving you lemons. When life gives you a unicorn, you complain to the gods that you would rather have lemons.

This glitch requires Gravity, the Unicorn, and knowledge on changing the Sun. First, change the time to sunset. Then spawn and drop a Pygmy where the Unicorn will appear. Activate the Unicorn and Gravity. Spawn a second Pygmy. Drop the second Pygmy into the water, but don't let it drown. Turn gravity upside down. The game should glitch in such a way that the first Pygmy will ride the unicorn. Now levitate the second Pygmy and drop it in the volume of water just in front of the unicorn. If done correctly, the Pygmy should be impaled incorrectly.

No Click Levitation Sub-Glitches

The No Click Levitation Glitch has a variety of sub-glitches, some hilarious. To refer to the No Click Levitation Glitch, it will be called the NCLG. Tip: turn devotion off to conserve devotion points. Also, these are best done when the player is at least level 17 and above, to make way for devotion time and to access all god powers and features.

Pygmy Parade Basic Glitch


The Pygmy Parade

First, spawn all Pygmies. Do the NCLG on a Pygmy. Click and hold on a second Pygmy. Do the NCLG on it. Rinse and repeat. You now have a parade of Pygmies in a row. You must learn this glitch to do a lot of other glitches.

Pygmy Head Trophy Stand Glitch


The Trophy Stand

Activate the Tar Pit and spawn all Pygmies. Grab a Pygmy and do the NCLG. Drag it over the Tar Pit. Now behead the Pygmy. Grab another Pygmy and do the NCLG. Now the pygmy head and the other pygmy will be attached. Behead him, NCLG another Pygmy, and rinse and repeat. Once no Pygmies are left, just NCLG the spawn button. Now behead the remaining Pygmies. Rinse and repeat all you want; the game might slow down due to the plethora of Pygmy heads.

Flying Turkey Glitch

Turkey Glitch

The turkey following the cursor.

First, buy the new turkey in the store and wait till it flies into your screen. Next, do the NCLG on the turkey and zap it with lightning but without letting go of the turkey. Now pull the turkey down to the water and you will see a splash. Do not let go of your mouse and then the next time the turkey flies, it will fly and follow your mouse. This also works with the dodo.

Pygmy Disappearing Glitch

Disappearing pygmy

If you zap the dodo with a lightning, then it becomes edible and falls to the ground. If you drag this dodo above a pygmy's head and drop it, then the pygmy disappears for a short time. Then it eats the dodo or the pygmy will walk away, if he/she don't want to eat the dodo.

Pygmy Impact Glitch

Do the Pygmy Parade Basic Glitch. Now drag the cursor above the island, and click. You will hear a loud grunt composed of multiple grunts.

Flying Pygmy Glitch


Flying Pygmy Glitch

Spawn at least one Pygmy. Drag the mouse under the Pygmy and move up, in the flicking motion. Now drag the mouse offscreen (the NCLG on no object). After releasing, move the mouse back onscreen and NCLG the same pygmy. Once the mouse is back onscreen, drag it down. The pygmy will be walking on air.

Drown in Air Glitch/Air Shark Slap Glitch


The Drown in Air/Air Shark Slap Glitch

Activate the Shark. Now do the Pygmy Parade Basic Glitch. After returning, do the NCLG on the shark. The Pygmies will drown in mid-air, but when they fall, they mysteriously disappear.

Falling/Rising Basic Glitch


Falling and Rising

Do the Drown in Air Glitch. Now click on the Spawn button to spawn all of the pygmies. the NCLG is not complete in the coding, so the Pygmies are following the cursor. So, the Pygmies are falling and rising at the same time; what a paradox! You must learn this glitch to do a trove of other glitches.

Spankety Kill Glitch

Do the Falling/Rising Basic Glitch. Now drag the Pygmies offscreen. They will die. You get 2 Experience and 20 Sacrifice Coins from this strange glitch.

Faux Drown Glitch

Do the Falling/Rising Basic Glitch. Carefully drag the pygmy into the water. Now drag the Pygmy back into the air. Move the cursor around and the Pygmy will follow thecursor and drown in mid-air.

Impact Float Glitch

Do the Falling/Rising Basic Glitch. Drag the Pygmies into the island. Now the Pygmies will follow the cursor and 

still do their idle actions.

Coconut Tree Dance Glitch


The Coconut Tree - Glitched!

NCLG the Coconut Tree. Now try NCLGing other items, including the Dodo Bird, Shark, and Coconut. now drag them all in front of the tree. The tree will shake violently.

Finger Shock Glitch

Activate Lightning and the Storm Clouds. Spawn a Pygmy. NCLG a bolt of lightning. Now the first pygmy that your cursor scrolls over is immediately shocked!

Arrow Flick Glitch


The Arrow Flick Glitch

Do the Impact Float Glitch. Now drag the Pygmy into the water. Click and drag the cursor up from the water and NCLG it. You are 'flicking' the Pygmy.

Water Splash Glitch

Do the Finger Shock Glitch. Now quickly drag the lightning over multiple Pygmies and possibly the Dodo Bird too. The affected areas are chain shocked.Do the Faux Drown Glitch. Now drag the cursor over the island and click. A splash in the air will happen.

Water Walker Glitch


A screenshot of the Water Walker Glitch

This only works during the morning in the game; it does not work during sunset or nighttime. In the store, choose any category that you have at least one power unlocked. Do the Flying Pygmy Glitch. Drag the Pygmy into the power selection screen in the store and activate/deactivate any power. The Pygmy will not drown and will walk on water. 
  • A glitch like this is in the original Pocket God. See Pocket God Glitches for more information.

Moon Phaser Glitch Alpha


Moon Phaser Glitch Alpha

Do the Water Walker Glitch. Change the time to night. Choose a lunar phase besides the third quarter moon. The Water Walkers will still sleep, but the other Pygmies will do other actions.

Moon Phaser Glitch Beta


Moon Phaser Glitch Beta

Instinctively, Moon Phaser Alpha appears fairly glitchy. Want it to be even glitchier? Here's how: Drag the Water Walkers back on land. This causes the previous Walkers to continue sleeping.Do not change the phases; this will undo the glitch.

Strange Drown Glitch

Do the Water Walker and Chain Shock glitches. Now levitate a Water Walker and release above the island. The Pygmy will be shocked, become unshocked, and drown.

Bald, Nude Pygmy Glitch

On some computers, various actions will cause the Pygmies' clothes and hair to disappear. This happens on laggy computers. A way to pourposely perform this glitch is to go to the Custimisation Store, pick an item to dress your Pygmy with, then click the Facebook Home icon. return to Pocket God Facebook and the selected Pygmy will be naked and bald. (The nude Pygmy will have a leg that appears to be torn and only half connects to its body.)

Shrapnel Surgery Glitch


Shrapnel Surgery

Spawn a Pygmy and activate the Bomb Cactus. Drop a bomb fruit. Now "flick" the Pygmy (keep the arrow on the screen but do not flick, NCLG helps here). After the bomb explodes and the Pygmy is covered in shrapnel, cancel the flick. The Pygmy will lose the shapnel and will go back to normal.

Fate's Arrow Glitch


Fate's Arrow decides who will die, and who will live.

Activate Dance Dance and spawn a Pygmy. Make the Pygmy dance, and in the middle of dancing, "flick" the Pygmy (see above glitch, NCLG helps). When the dance stops, the Pygmy will walk away from the arrow. Choose an angle and release. The Pygmy will helplessly fly in the direction of your "Fate's Arrow", just like a voodoo doll. Also use the trick to make a Pygmy go into a volcano with some smoke, and they will dodge it before your eyes.

Gravity Sleeper Glitch


The Gravity Sleepers. Note the moon.


Strange Tilting

This complicated glitch requires the Gravity, Hurricane, and Lunar Phases powers. Spawn Pygmies. First, change the time to night and activate the first quarter moon (Moon Dance). Now, change the gravity in such a way that the Pygmies grab on to the island, but won't fall off. Now create a hurricane, but do not catch the Pygmies. The Pygmies will proceed to sleep on the island, even though both Gravity and Moon Dance are active.


Lightning and Strange Drowning

Moon Walker

After doing Gravity Sleeper, changing the time to morning will cause the Pygmies to walk erratically, and even walk backwards.


Doing the hurricane multiple times will cause each Pygmy to tilt at a different angle every time.

Floating Pygmy Glitch


Strange, floating Pygmies

PGFB Glitch

Example of the Floating Pygmy Glitch

This glitch requires the Gravity power and the Cocodrink Fridge/St. Pat Fridge. Open the Fridge and place a Pygmy inside. The Fridge will close. Open the door and quickly tilt the island. The Pygmy will float and be resistant to gravity.

Coconut Float Glitch


Yum! Floating Coconut!

While a Pygmy is enjoying a Coconut, repeatedly flicking it will cause the Coconut to float. Also, sometimes the coconut will disappear.

Coconut Bounce/Aerial Shark Hat Glitch

NCLG a Pygmy and a coconut/shark. Drag them to the top of the screen quickly and click. Either the coconut will split on the Pygmy's head and falls down or the Pygmy will be Shark Hatted in mid-air.

Immune to Gravity Glitch



If you put a pygmy in the Cocodrink Fridge or St. Pat Fridge, turn the gravity upside down very quickly and get the pygmy out of the fridge before the fridge stops shaking, that pygmy becomes immune to gravity.

When the gravity is upside-down and the Hot spring is active, the immune pygmies may walk straight down the screen and disappear. If pygmies are in the Hot Spring, they will disappear if the Hot Spring is deactivated.

Air Walking Pygmy Glitch


A pygmy walking down the screen due to the glitch.

Give one of your Pygmies a rod. Then flip the island upside down using Gravity. Any wayward Pygmies will fall. Once the Pygmy has caught a fish, he will whip it in the air. Instead of the fish landing on the island, the fish will float in mid-air. When a pygmy eats the fish, he/she will also float in the air and stay there until you drag them.

Pygmy Eating Nothing Glitch

Pygmy Eating Nothing

Nooby eating nothing.

Turn on the Coconut Tree, Magic Mushrooms, or Bomb Cactus. Put the fruit/mushroom on the ground, ready to eat (If you are using a bomb fruit, make sure it is near a pygmy). When a pygmy picks it up, switch to any other plant. The food will disappear, as it is supposed to, but the pygmy will continue the eating animation (without the food) and will act as though it had actually been eaten. However, grace requests don't work with this glitch. (Patched)

Pygmy Moonwalk Glitch

First make a pygmy turn into a Drunken Pygmy, then drag it in the Tar Pit. Drag the pygmy out and it will walk backwards for a while. (Most likely patched)

Edible Giant Pumpkin

Start by creating a Giant Pygmy, and activate the Magic Pumpkin and place one by said pygmy. Rather than ignoring it like most foods, it will pick up the small pumpkin and eat it. Like regular pygmies, he will be transformed into a pumpkin, but at the size of a grown pumpkin. If you drop it on a pygmy, rather than being crushed, he will pick up the pumkin that is bigger than his head and eat it.

Rainbow Fart Without Unicorn Glitch

Activate the Unicorn and place a Pygmy behind it. Double-click the unicorn to make it do the rainbow fart, and quickly deactivate the unicorn. There should be a rainbow coming out of nowhere.

Flying Armadillo Pygmy

Flying Armadillo Pygmy

Flying Armadillo Pygmy

ctivate Hurricane and Gravity, and set the time to night. Turn the island upside-down with gravity, some or all of the pygmys will be hanging onto the island. Make a hurricane that will last long enough, then quickly drag a pygmy into the hurricane, and don't let go of the pygmy. If done successfully, the pygmy will spin in mid-air. Letting go deactivates the glitch, and when you move your mouse, a bunch of pygmy noises are made.

Rainbow Without Unicorn Glitch

Activate the Unicorn and drop a Pygmy on its back. The Unicorn will start running and when the Unicorn has just gone off the screen, deactivate the Unicorn. The Pygmy will fall into the water and the rainbow will continue as though the Unicorn was there.

Clean Tar-Covered Pygmy

Activate the Tar Pit and the Magic Pumpkin. Drop a Pygmy into the Tar Pit and pull him/her out, covering the Pygmy with tar. Get a Magic Pumpkin and grow it so that it can crush a Pygmy. Drop it on the Tar-Covered Pygmy and his or her body will be normal, though the Pygmy will be dead.

Giant Tar-Covered Pygmy/Unicorn Glitch

The player will need the Tar Pit, Magic Mushrooms, and Unicorn for this glitch. First, drop a pygmy in the tar pit so he/she becomes black and tar colored. When it is, immediately pull him/her out. Then, feed the tar-covered pygmy a mushroom so that it grows into a Giant Pygmy. Put him or her in front of the unicorn, and then spawn a second pygmy and drop him/her on the unicorn's back. When the Giant Tar Pygmy gets impaled, not only does he/her cover the unicorn's face but when they get flipped onto the horn, it flashes clean then tar coloured.

Small Pygmy Glitch


Small Pygmy glitch in action.

You do not need any devices to activate this glitch. Wait for a lag to occur then quickly flick two (or more) pygmies in the water at an angle. One pygmy will then hit the island and turn very small. The small pygmy acts just as a normal would, but walks a bit faster. Anything you use to interact with the small pygmy will turn into his size. The only way to get the pygmy back to normal size is to kill it, or exit the game.

Disappearing Lightning Icon

If you hold the lightning bolt (before it shocks someone) and the Dodo Bird runs into it while your cursor is not moving, the dodo will not be shocked and the cursor will become the normal one until they let go, allowing thr lightning to strike. This glitch has been fixed.

Infinite Sacrifice Coins Glitch

On slow and laggy computers, if one is then use Pocket God: Facebook on a faster computer, they will (rarely) have unlimited Sacrifice Coins (they will not lose any but can add Sacrifice Coins). This is useful to obtain many Rival God Idols.

Infinite Energy Glitch

Sometimes when you have only 1 energy point left, if you sacrifice two pygmies at the same time (an option is with lightning), the energy will stay in 1 no matter how many pygmies you sacrifice. The light balls that appear when you sacrifice a pygmy still go to the Sacrifice Coins section but you won't win anything.

Torch Glitch

To do this glitch, you need to have the Lunar Phases god power and the fridge, and ability to change the sun to the moon. First, spawn more than 2 pygmies on the island. Then, put the moon. Then, you change the moon to new moon and wait for a pygmy to light a torch. Then put that pygmy in the fridge. Then, you quickly change the moon to the sun and rapidly free the pygmy in the fridge before he turns into an ice cube. The pygmy will light a torch, then throw it out, then light another torch, and freeze.

Tar Spider

You need spider mines, and the tar pit. Dip a pygmy in tar so he/she is covered with it. Then drop the Tar Covered Pygmy onto the flower that is hiding the spider. When the spider jumps out to grab the pygmy, it is purple. But when it hits the pygmy's head, it is tar covered as well!

Reef Guardian Don't Want Pygmies Anymore

When you flick a pygmy to the Reef Guardian and spawn the same pygmy in the island, the Reef Guardian will not catch anymore pygmies as you flick him to it. You need to deactivate the Reef Guardian to finish the glitch.

Sleep-Stand Glitch

First, make the pygmies do the Moon dance. Then put ONE pygmy in the fridge. QUICKLY change the Moon into the Sun, then open the fridge with the pygmy alive. Then he/she will breathe for awhile (normal after NEARLY freezing the pygmy in the fridge), then will completely sleep while standing. To fix the glitch, grab the pygmy.

The Water Slide

When you drown a pygmy, press him/her. Then turn the gravity power on, making the pygmy slide left or right.

The Magical Dissapearing Shark

First, turn the gravity on, then get a pygmy near the water. If the shark eats the pygmy, it will easily disappear.

The Dissapearing Pygmy in an Ant Farm

First, activate the Ant Hill animal power, then make a line of ants. Drag the line toward the pygmy, then deactivate the Ant Hill power. (Note: Activation/deactivation of powers can be done by visiting the store section.)

The Dizzy Ones

First, make the pygmies become unbalanced by tilting the gravity a little bit then drop a coconut on their head(s).

The Stuck

First, do the glitch 'The Dizzy Ones' (just above). Then grab a pygmy (must be near to another pygmy). The pygmy will be stuck!

Negative Energy

Picture 6

Energy Glitch

When you sacrifice many Pygmies at once, you may end up seeing the energy meter counting in negative numbers. Since the number is not zero, you could still earn sacrifice points or experience until the game realizes that the energy meter is reading negative numbers. This glitch is fixed on its own, but it usually occurs rarely and in some slower computers only.

Sleep When You're Not Supposed To

First activate the any lunar power besides sleeping. Now take the axe from the zombie grave and try to give it to a pygmy. The pygmy will drop to their knees and sleep. This can be deactivated the same way as normal sleeping.

Double Size Glitch

Make a Pygmy eat a mushroom. He will grow big. Then make it eat another mushroom. Sometimes, the giant Pygmy will double in size before blasting of, and when it lands, the giant Pygmy will be its normal giant Pygmy size again.

Save Pygmies From Piranhas

To perform this, first you need 2 things: a shark and the jungle island.Now that you have them, you can know this: a pygmy is eated when it falls. Now to save them, you need to activate the shark. Simply, wen a pygmy falls in water, it will initiate to be eaten, BUT you can grab the pygmies (or to wait for them to be eaten) and save them. I tested it.


Flat Pygmy Glitch

Use the mushroom to make your avatar grow big and flick it to the volcano and then you have a Flat Pygmy.

Avatar Eye Glitch

Sometimes, when you kill pygmies using the Poison Flytrap with the avatar, its eyes will flicker regular pygmy eyes, then they blink to avatar eyes while standing still. You have to reset the game for it to be regular again.

Naked Pygmy Glitch


The naked pygmy is circled.

A rather weird glitch, sometimes your pygmy will have no pants. The glitch will stop when you equip pants.

Shark Helmet

First, put 3 pygmies in the volcano. Then, quickly put the shark on the head of the pygmy.


Shark helmet

The pygmy will be invulnerable from lava. Though, the pygmy will still die because of the shark eating him/her. Another using of Shark Helmet is using from coconut tree trap. Do the same thing as the Volcano (except for the first). It can also work in Hurricane, Lightning.

From, Ken

Faceless Pygmies


A pygmy without a face

There are instances of masked pygmies to have their masks "on hold", thus it will not rotate along with the pygmy's head itself. This also happens when a masked pygmy turns around when in the Hot Spring. This states that hats/masks do not rotate.

This also happens when a pygmy covered in shrapnel dramatically spins once and tumbles toward the water.

Basically, any action of head rotation is affected by this, although this is obviously applicable for masked pygmies.

Thin Pygmies

You need Mushroom and Fishing rod/dodo bird to do this. For light saber pygmy , you need Glow fish

First, Drag the mushroom and feed it to pygmy

Second, Drag the the fish/dodo bird from fishing rod and feed it to pygmy, do it many times to more thinner.

and you will have Thin Pygmy or Light Saber. Im not sure it will work on your pc but i try and it work

From geromatic123

Sorry for the image

Hot Spring sound glitch

Sometimes, a Pygmy's voice with it's actions in the Hot Spring get mixed up. One example is when the Pygmy farts in the water, the Pygmy goes underwater instead of causing bubbles and giggling.

Floating Pygmy on Water glitch (2)

Note: This only works on Jungle Island where the piranhas are. Also you must have the Lunar Phases Geo power. Use it in day or night mode.

First, Drown a pygmy by grabbing it to the piranhas, when the piranhas have shown up. Immediately change the day to night or night to day. Now your Pygmy is walking on water. You can kill it anyway you like even if it's on water.I don't know why. LOL. Even you change the day it will stay on water walking or doing actions.

Note that it can be affected by the unicorn's fart and the bomb cactus.

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Floating Pygmy glitch

Mini Pygmy == Note: You can use it if you have made the Floating Pygmy on Water glitch.

While your pygmy is floating on water. Change it to dawn so that your pygmy will stare/stun. Then flick one of the pygmy on water to the island. ( the flick-meter/arrow must be at the lowest. pointing to the island )

Now your pygmy is small.

10502122 790691944287807 6167053308410782108 n

this shows the comparison of the pygmy who have the normal, small and giant size.

10458730 790691867621148 396504333686937146 n

Mini Pygmy Glitch