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The following is a list of faults or errors that appear in the game Pocket God. Many are programming faults/errors which results in behavior not intended by the programmers. These are known as Glitches. The glitches may include incorrectly displayed graphics, collision detection errors, game freezes/crashes, sound issues, and other issues. Most of the glitches are not, however, potentially dangerous to the saved data of the game.

Floating Pygmy GlitchEdit

This glitch requires a fast hand and it CAN NOT BE FIXED UNLESS YOU DO NOT PLAY FOR A FEW WEEKS. My pygmy Bucky stayed in the air for a month. Okay. Levitate a Pygmy, then switch it to storm clouds very quickly WITHOUT taking your finger off the Pygmy. Now take your finger off. He might float in the air playing the levitating animations, but will not come down. He cannot be killed either, even when you quit for a while then come back he will still be floating. This glitch is very, VERY, VEEEEEERY rare. When I tried to do it again after the Bucky incident, he just fell down. I tried for hours and HOURS but he just fell down.

Floating Dead Pygmy Edit

This is a variant of the floating pygmy glitch.Sometimes when a pygmy is going to burn a dead pygmy it starts to float. This is very rare to happen.

Invisible Pygmy GlitchEdit

This glitch is quite simple. Go to the Rock Island and turn on the Egg and T-Rex. Drop the Egg on the island 3 times to spawn the T-Rex as usual. Now, when the T-Rex is about to eat a pygmy, quickly turn off the T-Rex boss before the pygmy is fully swallowed. If done right, the pygmy that was about to be eaten is now invisible, and can still do everything a normal pygmy can do, but his sprites are not shown.

  • Extra Tidbit: If you put the invisible pygmy in the outhouse and then make another pygmy invisible the top half of the pygmy will show through the door. (Tested on kindle fire version)

Zombie Ghost GlitchEdit


A Zombie Ghost Pygmy looks similar to a regular Ghost Pygmy

Zombie-Ghosts are a type of glitch. They are destroyed when you visit another island and will burst into zombie feathers like when you touch a zombie. Zombie Ghosts can be made by creating a zombie, then tilting your device forward so the zombie will fall into the sky. Then a Zombie Ghost will be created at the top of the screen.

Cannibalism GlitchEdit


Ah! Cannibalism

Go to the Rock Island and turn on the Wood and the Dodo Bird .Put the wood in the campfire area and either zap the Dodo Bird with Lightning to get a Burnt Dodo Bird or get a Pygmy to stack the wood then make a Cooked Dodo Bird. The glitch will work either way, just the life or death of a Pygmy depends on the version you choose. Now make sure you (not the Pygmies) put the wood on the Campfire and then set the roasted Dodo Bird on top of the wood. Spawn one Pygmy and set him in front of the wood and dodo. Strangely, after he stacks the wood, the Pygmy will eat another Pygmy. The "Pygmy" is actually the roasted Dodo Bird, only rendered as a Pygmy. This will not work with Charlie since he will not eat food, but he will temporarily produce a sleeping Pygmy.


Ah! Cannibalism Part II

A second way to perform the Cannibalism Glitch works with the Cooked Dodo Bird, the Burnt Dodo Bird, as well as the Cooked Fish and Coconut. Activate Dance and the Fishmas Carol (You don't need the Fishmas Carol active, but it works better). Drop a Pygmy or two on top of the food(s) of choice. Now start tapping the screen to make them dance. When you stop tapping, the Pygmy will produce a Pygmy sprite and eat him. However this Pygmy will be headless. When you tap the screen while this type of cannibalism is going on, the cannibal pygmy will explode.

The third way is, when a Pygmy is about to eat something, simply tap the Dodo Bird to make it drop the bird poop. The Pygmy will be annoyed and the food will change into a Pygmy sprite.

There is also a fourth way to do this. First, go to Ape Mountain and turn on the Banana Tree. Now grab a banana and kill the monkey that climbs up. Without doing this, the monkey may screw the glitch up. Now spawn 4 or more pygmies (not Charlie) and move the banana out of the way of the pygmies. Then grab a pygmy and drop it in the ape statue's grasp. Now quickly put the banana in front of a pygmy. When the pygmy goes to eat the banana (once the ape has kidnapped the pygmy), he will eat a pygmy about to jump down.

There is a fifth way as well. While a pygmy is in the middle of eating but has not finished the food and has started the dance and the then when you stop the pygmy will go to eat the food again but instead it will eat a pygmy.

Invincible Pygmy GlitchEdit

Go to any island besides Ape Mountain and start Ooga Jump. Go as high as you can and when you start falling quickly change the island to Ape Mountain. When the Pygmy falls, he will be unaffected by all God Powers and most other means of death. There are ways to fix this glitch, however. Switch to Graveyard Island and wait for the Pygmy to be on the far right side. Now switch back to Ape Mountain and the Pygmy will fall off. Now spawn him again and his invincibility will disappear. Another way to kill him is to simply make the Sun larger. He will burn like the other Pygmies. Finally, generating a Tsunami and impaling him underwater will remove the glitch. Another way to kill him is to enable Fishing and wait for the Pygmy to grab the Fishing Rod. Enable the Shark and wait for the Pygmy to get pulled away. The Invincible Pygmy Glitch from Ooga Jump will turn back to normal.

A second way to make an invincible Pygmy has been found. First, go to Ice Island and spawn two pygmies. Now drop one of the newly spawned pygmies in the igloo. Then get the other pygmy you've just spawned and drop him in the igloo too. Now very quickly, go back to Ape Mountain. If you do this right, there should be two pygmies on the mountain, with the one on the right invincible. If there is only one, you did not go to Ape Mountain quick enough. To kill him, use ways wherein you INDIRECTLY kill a pygmy (e.g. shark pulling the pygmy underwater through fishing pole, pygmy choking over burnt food, etc. with the exception of Charlie) or enlarge the sun. The invincible pygmy, when made by THIS type of glitch, would not be able to go underwater.

I also found another way to do this. You go to the statue area and unplug the cork plugging the hole in the Underwater Area (the one with the harpoon). Go to the Misfit Crossovers island and drop snake on CHARLIE. Then quickly switch to any other island (underwater recommended) then go back to Misfit. He will be invincible. I mean TOTALLY invincible. To defeat him, shut off device or enlarge the sun. This also works on ordinary pygmies. But when you did THIS type of this glitch on a pygmy (including Charlie) and you go to Graveyard Island, he will turn into a ghost.


  • An invincible pygmy acts normally depending on the type of glitch used.
  • He will IMMEDIATELY pick every food that lands on him and eat it.

Forever Spinning GlitchEdit

This is a variation of the above method to make a Pygmy invincible. Go to Ice Island and drop two Pygmies into the Igloo. Wait until the Pygmy is just being fired out of the igloo and go anywhere but Ape Mountain (this works on all islands, but works best on Graveyard Island and Apocalypse Island). You will see a Pygmy that looks like it was just fired out of the igloo, but with strange graphics that change depending on the island. On all other islands, the Pygmy will fall into the water and you cannot lift him out, but on Graveyard and Apocalypse Island, he will spin forever. If you drop a Pygmy on top of him, the dropped Pygmy will bounce off and fall into the water. You cannot interact with the Pygmy, and if you went to Graveyard Island, Apocalypse Island or God Island, the only way to kill him is to travel to another island like Sand Island (which you can see some fire ants sprites) or Rock Island.

Double Charlie GlitchEdit

Double charlie glitch

Heavens to Betsy! There's two crazy pygmies now?!

Spawn Charlie and use him to play Battle of the Gods. Lose the battle to reappear on God Island. Spawn Pygmies and kill them as many times as necessary, and you will have two Charlies on-screen at the same time.

Note: You can have as many Charlies as you want if you keep losing the battle, but become hard to maintain as they will cut each other in half. Also, you don't have to lose a battle, just leave the battle.

Half Charlie GlitchEdit

After completing the Double Charlie Glitch, let one Charlie cut the other one in half. Half Charlie acts just like a normal Half Pygmy with the only difference being his name.

Water Walker Glitch (iOS Version)Edit

Activate Double Rainbow and travel to God Island. Spawn any number of Pygmies. Place the Pygmies on the left side of God Island. Generate a Double Rainbow. Quickly switch to Sand Island before the Double Rainbow fades. The Pygmy on the left will fall into the water, and will be gazing in awe at the Double Rainbow instead of drowning. However, once the Double Rainbow fades, the Pygmy will fall back into the water. This glitch is most likely patched.

Sideward Ghosts GlitchEdit

Sidewards ghost

The Sideward Ghost Glitch

Move a ghost across the screen but tap it while it's moving. Now the ghost should be on an angle but will turn the right way up when you move it again. Sometimes the ghost will not move anymore until you leave the game.

Note that the ghost pygmy doesn't have to be moving sideways to perform this glitch.

Mute Pygmy GlitchEdit

On any island, activate Double Rainbow and deactivate Storm Clouds. Spawn 2 Pygmies. Draw a Double Rainbow. One Pygmy should be commenting, while the other is simply gazing in awe. Start Ooga Jump by dropping the gazing Pygmy onto a cloud. Stay in the sky long enough to outlast the audible words. Then kill the Pygmy, and the other one will be mute.

White Screen GlitchEdit


So white!

While playing Ooga Jump, simply activate Lightning. A white screen will temporarily appear and the Pygmy in the sky will fall down and die. This is because no clouds were programmed when a storm is overhead. (Activate Lightning, then drag a Pygmy above the clouds to see for yourself.)

Tyrannosaurus Rex Ignorance GlitchEdit


T-Rex? What T-Rex?

If a Pygmy is using the outhouse, fishing, being tortured, eating, watching the sunset, gazing at a Double Rainbow, sleeping, dancing, is a Vampire/Ghost Pygmy, affected by Gravity, pinned down by the egg, caught in a hurricane, or is waiting to use the outhouse when the Tyrannosaurus Rex appears, then the Pygmies will completely disregard the T-Rex. But the T-Rex may soon kill the pygmies.

Never-ending Fishmas Carol GlitchEdit

First, activate the Fishmas Carol in the Customization Store screen. Now kill all Pygmies. Start tapping the screen to make fireworks appear. While continually tapping the screen, sneak in a tap to spawn a Pygmy. The Fishmas Carol will play indefinitely until the application is reset. The glitch is infinitely more strange because the Carol and the island music are super-imposed on each other. You can stop it by toggling the mute button on, then off. This glitch has been fixed.

No Touch Ghost Moving GlitchEdit

First, go to Graveyard Island, turn on Gravity and spawn two pygmies. Now pick up one of the pygmies and tilt your device forward and then back again. Keep doing this until the remaining pygmy hits a cloud and starts Ooga jump. Now tilt your device left and right and try and get the pygmy to fall. When he does, you will see the pygmy fallen slide all over the island (if you tilt your device left or right). Now a ghost will be created but the ghost can be moved left and right by tilting your device.

The Side-walker GlitchEdit

Sidewalker glitch


First, go to the Coral Reef area. Now spawn some Pygmies and drag a Pygmy over the head of a jellyfish. Without letting go, tap the map button and quickly head to Graveyard Island. The pygmy you sacrificed with be there on the island. Now touch the Pygmy and you should see it turns into a ghost, but changes back when you let go. Try dragging the Pygmy (ghost) around and you will see it will walk on an angle. This Pygmy will also become immune to Gravity and Earthquakes. If you drag the ghost onto another Pygmy, the Pygmy you drag it onto will have an expression as if it were about to be possessed by a ghost permanently.


  • When the ghost/pygmy is banshee screaming, sometimes it stays as a ghost afterwards.
  • The pygmy glitch is performed on will walk in place sometimes.
  • If the Pygmy is Charlie, he will still do his stuff at different angles.
  • When ghost scares a pygmy to death, the glitched pygmy becomes a permanent ghost. A difference is that it will bounce instead of going upwards when you command it to. You can only rid of it by having it carry a pygmy off-screen (not upwards). On the older iPods, this may make the game crash.
  • This Pygmy is immune to earthquakes, gravity both ways, flicks, drops in the water, do not react to Double Rainbows, and are left alone by Charlie.
  • Unfortunately, since as 'The Light' will remain if you drag the glitched Pygmy, you will have to open a number of other apps to reset Pocket God.
  • You can put the glitched pygmy in under the grave to turn it into a zombie. Dragging it will turn it into a ghost. After letting go, it will turn into back into a pygmy.
  • Attempting to take the glitched Pygmy inside the Apocalypse Temple will make it disappear.

Broken Sea Spear GlitchEdit

First, visit God Island and then go to the Coral Reef. Now go to the original Underwater Area and you will see the octopus statue has a missing texture. It is also impossible to interact with but can be fixed by visiting other islands. If you have a Skin Pack activated for the Octopus Statue, the texture will appear different as well when you perform the glitch.

Never-ending Fireworks GlitchEdit


Never-ending Fireworks

Tap the screen to make the pygmies dance and generate an earthquake. Now there will fireworks without the dance.

Note: Tapping the screen to make Pygmies Dance again will deactivate the glitch.

Upside-Down Pygmy GlitchEdit

Activate Gravity. Now levitate a Pygmy and tilt the device forward 200 degrees. The Pygmy should be flipped.

Moron Pest GlitchEdit

Go to the Underwater Area and unplug the cork-like object leading to Pain Drain. Now go to Island of Misfit Crossovers and spawn Pygmies. Grab the Snake and drop it on a Pygmy's head. Quickly generate a Tsunami Wave. The background will change, the Underwater Area is glitched, a Pygmy may appear smaller than normal (the smaller Pygmies cannot be interacted with unless you turn it into a pygmy kebab with the statue) and the menu is gone. Because of the glitch, you can only do small bubbles instead of an underwater hurricane. To fix the disappearance of the menu, start Pain Drain. When the Pygmy dies, the menu will return. If you return to any other island other than Graveyard Island, the island will be severely glitched, with many textures being replaced with Moron Pest icons. (You can also perform this in the Coral Reef.) This sometimes makes the game crash on iPad.


  • The glitched snake would randomly slither (even on different islands) for some time and leave at either sides of the screen. Its entrance is also there.
    • It sometimes doesn't appear.
    • You cannot interact with the glitched snake.
    • It never appears on the Island of Misfit Crossovers.
  • The glitched sprites sometimes change after you reset and repeat the glitch as shown at the screenshots below.

Some screenshots:

The Runs GlitchEdit

Go to Apocalypse Island. Now open the door, and spawn 2 Pygmies. Open a crack under 1 Pygmy and quickly drop the other Pygmy in the door about when the mini game starts. You will enter a glitched room with The Runs graphics everywhere, similar to the Moron Pests glitch. This glitch applies to every island. In order to fix this, restart your device.You cannot exit the island because this glitch removes the 'adding pygmies' button and the map. However, there is a way to dodge this. Go to the Dance room and place a pygmy on the dance pad. then take the pygmy away and the map button/ pygmies button comes back. You can then explore the rest of the archipelago with the graphics.

There is a second way to preform this glitch. First go to God Island and then spawn Two Pygmies, Then open a crack to send one Pygmy into The Runs game. Then right before the game starts put a Pygmy in the game. If done correctly you should hear the screaming Pygmy sound when he falls into the Run's Game. Then battle anything in there. The battle textures will be Glitched. This method is harder to pull off then the first. But you can still use it this way if you really feel like it.


Midget Ghost GlitchEdit

Midget Ghost glitch

Complete the Moron Pest glitch and revive the menu. Then visit Sand Island, Ice Island, or Rock Island. You should see a Pygmy in mid-air either frozen or slightly moving to the left that looks a bit squished. Now go to Graveyard Island and a ghost that does not have the normal height will appear. If you visit another island other than the Graveyard, the squished pygmy will disappear and is impossible to bring back.

Zombie Ghost GlitchEdit

Go to Graveyard Island and activate Gravity. Spawn a pygmy and turn him into a Zombie. Now tilt your device forward and the zombie will turn into a Zombie-Ghost. Any Zombie-Ghost will be destroyed when you switch islands but can be rescued by moving it. If you possess a pygmy with a zombie ghost and quickly go to another island, the ghost will be separated from the pygmy without its name showing and the game will probably crash. 

Earthquake Resistance GlitchEdit

Activate Gravity. Levitate and drop a Pygmy under the Coconut on the tree. Generate an earthquake. The Pygmy will disregard the earthquake.
Pocket God Earthquake Glitch

And the earthquake does nothing...

Colourful Sky GlitchEdit

Activate the Dance ability. Then play Ooga Jump. Tap the screen repeatedly. Once the Pygmy falls and dies, the sky will be filled with fireworks.

Another way to do this is to do the never-ending fireworks glitch and then play a mini-game like 'The Runs'.

Double Torture GlitchEdit

First, let the monkeys play catch with your Pygmies. While the monkeys are juggling, go to Sand Island. You will see the Pygmies being tortured by Fire Ants while falling into water. However the tortured pygmy will be a box with a small amount of fire ants on the side. (The ants won't make up the entire shape of the Pygmy.)

Baby Dino Fall GlitchEdit

Do the same thing as the Double Torture Glitch but instead of going to Sand Island, go to Rock Island. You would see a box and part of the baby dinosaur falling towards the water.

Invisible Pygmy Fall GlitchEdit

Do the Double Torture Glitch, but this time go to either the Ice Island, Island of Misfit Crossovers, Graveyard Island, or the God Island.

Apocalypse Fall GlitchEdit

Do the Double Torture Glitch, but go to Apocalypse Island. You will see a part of the temple clock falling toward the water.

Meteor On Water GlitchEdit

First, lift a pygmy and then pick up the meteor. Put the meteor near the sun and keep it there and doing so, place a pygmy on a cloud to start Ooga Jump. Make sure the meteor hasn't touched the ground. After the pygmy falls, the meteor will fall down near the water and won`t go through the water. It`ll stay there (floating) instead, being immovable. To put it back to regular, go to the menu bar and turn off meteor or go to another island and go back to Sand Island.

Charlie? It's for trolls.Edit

Spawn Charlie on Sand Island, then break a coconut. After you have broken the coconut, enable the meteor. Just as Charlie gets close enough to the coconut to eat it, drop the meteor on his head. After that, let him eat the coconut. You will see Charlie throwing ANOTHER Charlie away. The Charlie being thrown away has no mouth.

Note: This can also be done with the Shark, instead of the Meteor.

Note # 2: If you change the food into a burnt dodo or burnt fish instead, Charlie will do Cannibalism Glitch instead and choke.

Note # 3: The Charlie sprite Charlie appears to pick up may actually be the one from the moment when he changes back from his Warlock form or when he is struck by a meteor, as the mouth is barely visible for a moment and they both have angry expressions.

Fewer JellyfishEdit

In the Coral Reef, create a whirlpool. Then, while the Pygmies are being dragged about, drag a jellyfish into the Pygmy. This should cause the jellyfish to kill the pygmy in one of the four ways. If the whirlpool stops while the jellyfish is still killing the pygmy, the jellyfish will disappear and the pygmy will stay. However, if you wish to exit the area, the glitched pygmy will not follow. This glitch also sometimes crashes the game.

Konkey Dong Missing Pygmy GlitchEdit

First, go to Ape Mountain and put a pygmy on the Konkey Dong idol. When the other pygmy will automatically fall from the sky, right before he jumps off the mountain, quickly make a Double Rainbow. When the mini-game starts you will hear the pygmy talk, but it won't be here, and you won't be able to do anything. This glitch can only be fixed by switching off your device and then replaying the game.

Story Mode GlitchesEdit

Floating Lava Pygmy GlitchEdit


The floating lava Pygmy.

Go to the Sand Island and flick three Pygmies into the Volcano. Now quickly open up Story Mode and select a story on the Sand Island with a Pygmy that spawns on the screen right away. The Lava will come down in your story and hit the Pygmy. He will run around, but when he jumps in the water he won't drown. The pygmy will float at the bottom of the screen until you exit the story. The story won't play; it will just have the floating lava Pygmy at the bottom of the screen.
Volcano Glitch

The water's solid! My butt hurts!

Infinite Death GlitchEdit

While in Story Mode, create a story when a pygmy explodes with a 99 to 198 second delay. Immediately, after this command, input the "dance" event. Then repeat. End with a dance event, and the Pygmy you tortured survives.

Ghost Pygmy GlitchEdit

While in story mode, create a story when a pygmy explodes with a 1-3 second delay. Immediately after this
command, input either the "earthquake" or dance" event. The result is a slightly translucent/almost transparent pygmy.

Permanently Angry Ghost Pygmy GlitchEdit

After creating a ghost Pygmy, make it express the "Angry" state and follow up with other commands. The Pygmy will stay angry for as long as the story lasts. The only ways to negate this is to either kill the Ghost Pygmy or switch the expressed action.

Sleeping Pygmy GlitchEdit

Sleeping "Ghost" Pygmy

G'night there, buddy!

This action is NOT AVAILABLE in the action option, so it is considered a glitch.

Do the Ghost Pygmy Glitch at night time, but this time, make the pygmy do actions that immediately stops (e.g. yawn, wave, etc., but "wave" is the best option), then the glitched Pygmy will fall asleep after some idling. He will only wake up when the seconds of the "wave" or "yawn" action is done, yet still as a Ghost Pygmy.

For example: "Wave" action = 18 seconds: The Pygmy will idle around and stand by at first, but then falls asleep until the rest of the 18 seconds are over.

Saved Pygmy Fall in Crack GlitchEdit

While in story mode, create a story when a pygmy falls in a crack with a 1-2 second delay. Immediately after this command, input the "dance" event. Congratulations, you saved a pygmy that you were meaning to kill!

Too Much Text GlitchEdit

While in story mode, create a story when a pygmy says a word or text train that spans too many letters. When the pygmy speaks, the word/text train flies out of the speech bubble. This also happens even in the story creator itself.

Cut Off Reaction GlitchEdit

While in story mode, create a story when a pygmy expresses a Double RB Full On state with a one second delay. Then immediately follow up with another Double RB Full On and the original ranter stops ranting.

Space Island GlitchEdit

While making a new story or editing a story, under the islands section (where you pick the island the story takes place on) an island called Space Island will appear as a choice. If selected, it will be the Sand Island. This glitch has been fixed.

Never-ending Fishmas Carol GlitchEdit

First, turn on the free Fishmas Carol in the Skin Pack store. Then, watch any story with dancing in it, such as Dancing with the Arse or Battle of the Gods. The dance will be replaced with the Fishmas Carol, complete with music. However, the music doesn't stop, even when you exit Story Mode. To stop it, tap the screen to make the Pygmies sing. When Pygmies stop, so will the carol.

No fallEdit

Activate any story on Sand Island with a Pygmy having a delay of 0 seconds and may get hit of the meteor (if enabled) and stay a falling sprite animation.

Giant Ape Bongo GlitchEdit

Place a pygmy at the winch and another at the bongos at Ape Mountain. Then place one on the altar, light the torches and wind the altar up. Tap the screen to play music. The Giant Ape will appear. Wind up the winch so the Pygmy tied to the altar flies off due to over-winding, then start tapping the screen when the Ape smashes the Possessed Pygmy in a fit of rage.The squashed Pygmy will re-animate and will play the bongos when the screen is tapped, but cannot be interacted with. To fix this, just go to another island. (Note: When you tap the screen after the Ape has crushed the 2 Pygmies, the crushed Pygmy at the winch will bob its ponytail up once.)

Weird Chat TextEdit

If you go to Ape Island, and put a Pygmy in the apes arms, electrocute the Pygmy who says I will save you! And then the bubble will still be there. You can do this many times. (Tested on Kindle fire) 

Spit it out!Edit

When a Pygmy is in any stage of eating (chewing, swallowing, etc), if you interact with the Pygmy, it will spit out or regurgitate the food. (This does not work on the Facebook Version.)

Safe explosionsEdit

Put a Meteor on a Pygmy (Do NOT use Charlie as he would throw the meteor away). Now tap the Sand Island Statue three times, as all Pygmies will explode but the Pygmy under the meteor will survive.

Double Baby SpriteEdit

Create a Baby Pygmy and go to Rock Island. When the T-Rex eats the baby, the sprite will remain on the ground while another is eaten by the T-Rex.

Boss PicsEdit

Enter the God Challenges menu when a boss is active. The boss will appear to have random menu pictures all over the boss.

Shaking Name-tagEdit

First, make a pygmy do something (e.i. God Island) then hit him like an idol then the name will shake.

Zombie-Be-Gone Glitch Edit

First, have only one pygmy on your island, then travel to Graveyard Island. Do the zombie ghost glitch but in this way:

Once you have a zombie and you have ghost and gravity switched on, tilt the device upside down in counter clockwise. Then reverse, but tilting left.  Then have the pygmy slide off .The Pygmy will revert to a normal Pygmy while falling.

Challenge Screen Graphics GlitchEdit

Sometimes, when you enter the Challenge screen, objects in the world will change to challenge icons in the shape of that icon. This is true with the T-Rex, the Sand Island Statue, and many more. However, when you perform the glitch on the Island of the Gods, and you have the Virus God idol on it, it will change into the idol for the challenge you are entering. This can allow you to see what an idol looks like without owning it.
IMG 0079

The glitch, captured at the exact time. This also happens with other objects such as the T-Rex.

Changeling Pygmy GlitchEdit

First, go to the Apocalypse Temple, then put a Pygmy on the time platform in the time room and change him into another form, and then put that Pygmy in the Go-Go cage in the Dance Room. Change the island and he's back to normal, but with the name tag still different. Tap him to change him back.

Upside-Down Marshmallowed Pygmy GlitchEdit

If you roast a Pygmy over the fire while Storm Clouds are activated, it will become marshmallowed. If you put it above the clouds. Then throw it down immediately, it will bounce upside down twice and then switch back to normal immediately. 

Late Fishmas Carol GlitchEdit

If you spawn a Pygmy while the other five are singing, he will walk around for a while, then sing it from the beginning. However all the others will be ahead of him, and he will be singing behind them.

Gazing without Rainbow GlitchEdit

If you drag a very little rainbow that is so short that could not be seen then quickly touch the sky, the glitch will happen.

Ghost in Apocalypse Temple GlitchEdit



If you go to Graveyard island, make one ghost and spawn two pygmies. Then go to Apocalypse Island, open the door, possess one pygmy with the ghost and quickly drop the other in the temple door. The ghost will appear in the Apocalypse Temple and the pygmy it was possessing will be gone. It can be interacted normally. However, upon exiting the Apocalypse Temple or going to another room in the temple, the ghost will disappear as well. 

You can explore the rest of the temple if you possess one pygmy and drop another to the door leading to another chamber.

Plague Corpse GlitchEdit

This glitch first appeared in Ep 47: Apocalypse, Ow!. When Tom is the last infected Pygmy to die after all Pygmies have died, the game cannot be continued with Pygmies (until Pocket God is restarted). This is because Tom is not respawnable and can only be accessed through the Closet Room. Normally, when the last infected Pygmy becomes a Plague Corpse his body falls off the land and sinks into water or falls off a cliff and does not re-spawn to prevent this from happening. When all Pygmies (including Charlie) have become Plague Corpses except for Tom, he will do the safe guard action, but not be able to re-spawn. As the Apocalypse Temple cannot be navigated without a living Pygmy, and Tom not being able to re-spawn except inside the Closet Room.
Plague Corpses Glitch

All Pygmies as Plague Corpses.

This glitch breaks the game session and prevents interactions with Pygmies. Even if Tom dies inside the Closet Room, he will not re-spawn until you enter/leave and Thetans cannot be spawned to open the Closet door without a live Pygmy.

Below is a step-by-step process of how to achieve this glitch.

  1. Enable Charlie from the Global Interactions menu. Spawn all Pygmies.
  2. Go to the Closet Room and get Tom.
  3. Infect all Pygmies with the Plague, but keep Tom alive until all other Pygmies have become corpses.
  4. When Tom dies, his body will fall off screen and all Pygmies will stay corpses.
  5. FIXING: Restarting Pocket God will solve this glitch, though it can be repeated.

Clear Sky Hurricane/Lightning GlitchEdit


Screw you, Mother Nature!

Strangely, you can still do hurricanes or lightning shocks even without the gray clouds, although when this was tried on the other Pocket God related games, they would simply disappear. To do this, activate the storm clouds and, if you wanted a hurricane, the Hurricane power. Now...

If you aim for the hurricane, make a hurricane, then deactivate the storm clouds without letting go of the hurricane. It will still be active and spinning until you let go.

If you aim for the lightning shock, tap the storm cloud to generate a lightning spark, then deactivate the storm clouds without letting go of the spark. You can drag this spark down a Pygmy and electrocute him even with the absense of the storm clouds.

If you want to do this again, just repeat the procedures. This glitch doesn't harm the device.

Go Go Cage Dancing Nametag GlitchEdit


The first picture has the glitch.

When you put a pygmy in the Go Go Cage and you change the dance type in the Customization store before the dance starts, there are chances that the nametag will rapidly scroll itself down (and goes back up) and the pygmy will have a sprite as if he is still falling although he's technically in the Go Go Cage. You can just tap him to fix it.

Sky High Tsunami GlitchEdit


Flying tsunami?!

When you play Ooga Jump, go to the archipelago map and pick either of the two underwater areas, but try to make the pygmy stay alive. The tsunami will now sweep over the mini-game with the jumper joining the survivors. The question here is: HOW CAN A TSUNAMI REACH THAT HIGH?

(Note: This works even when you're very high up.)

Glitched Jellyfish Edit

First go to the Island of Misfit Crossovers. Then drop the snake on a pygmie's head. Then quickly go to the Coral Reef. The jellyfish sprites shoud be glitched.


Go home evolution,you are drunk.

Wheres The Rod GlitchEdit

The Second A Pygmy Is Walking Towards The Fishing Rod To Fish Grab The Fishing Rod.The Pygmy Will Continue Walking The Same Direction,And Will Be Walking On Water.The Pygmy Can be Killed Though This Is Pretty Rare

  • A glitch like this can be done on the Facebook version but without the fishing pole. See Pocket God Facebook Glitches for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Floating monkey glitch Edit

Go to ape mountain and activate the banana tree and storm clouds. Pull a banana off the tree and summon the monkey. Pick up the monkeyandd strike him with lightning. Summon the monkey again and he will be floating below the mountain.

Alternate name glitch Edit

Go to the time chamber and make an alternate pygmy, than go to the dance room and put him in the cage. Than go to a different island and the pygmy will be normal, but have the same name as the alternate pygmy.

Fail Boat GlitchesEdit

Since there are many glitches found at the Fail Boat area, there will be sub-categories under this heading.

Misplaced Fail Boat Speech Bubbles glitchEdit

Fail Boat's Epic Fail

Epic "Fail". Get it?

Enter the "Create Stories" feature and select the Fail Boat as the environment. Create a character and make him/her say something. The speech bubble will be misplaced and won't be above the Pygmy.

Wrong Drowning Glitch

Whenever you flick a Pygmy, make a vampire knock the other Pygmies off, tilt your screen to cause the Pygmies to slide to the side you tilted on, or do anything to a Pygmy to makes the other Pygmies "jump" (e.g. you/Charlie striking lightning at one of the Pygmies) from the Fail Boat, the Pygmies don't literally drown in the water, but rather, they'll "drown at the wrong places".

Misplaced SpritesEdit

Whenever Charlie tries to slice a Pygmy, the victim's sprites will be placed below the screen, but the victim's nametag would be still on the boat.

"Inaccuracy" GlitchEdit

Whenever you strike a Pygmy with lightning or make a vampire bat approach a Pygmy, they would lead to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Broken Respawn Button GlitchEdit

If you go to any of the underwater areas, the Pygmies will perform the "Wrong Drowning Glitch" mentioned above, and no Pygmies will arrive at any of those areas. You will be unable to respawn the Pygmies unless you restart the game itself.