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The Pumpkin Plant

The Pumpkin Plant is a plant exclusive to Pocket God Facebook. Its purpose is to grow the Magic Pumpkin, a plant with magical properties.


This plant appears as a gray-green, gnarled tree-like plant. Its trunk curves over, and hanging off the end of it is the Magic Pumpkin.

Growing Stages

The Magic Pumpkin can be bought from the store and grows in two hours.


Without the player, the pumpkin withers after 8 days.

Magic Pumpkin

Screen shot 2011-10-26 at 4.08.10 PM

The Pumpkin Plant

Main article: Magic Pumpkin

The Magic Pumpkin can sacrifice Pygmies in two ways. The Magic Pumpkin can be eaten, but when a Pygmy eats it it will be turned into a Magic Pumpkin. The Magic Pumpkin will grow and then it can also be used to sacrifice Pygmies in a diffrent way. After the Magic Pumpkin grows it can be used to crush Pygmies.


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